Issue with 'double tap' effect, Chrome, Android

I’ve been having an issue with Chrome on Android double tapping when I’m only tapping once. I don’t have issues on other sites.
When I click on ‘My Games’ it will take me through to the games list breifly, and then click on the top game immediately and start loading it.
If I open the menu in the game, it then closes the menu straight away. Sometimes, when I select a star by double tapping, it will open the star, then purchase industry if the button loads under my thumb. I can get it to work normally for a time if I click the top bar and refresh the game, but it usually returns.
Let me know if you would like a video of the error.

I have the same issue on iPhones and iPads.

Do you use Chrome?
My suspicion is an issue with processing “touches” and “clicks” in the website code, which some environments view differently. For example, when you touch and drag the map, it scrolls, but when you click and drag, it doesn’t. A common solution is to have touch events call a click, but it feels like it processes the touch too.

EDIT: I’ve tested on a touch screen windows device, same issue in chrome and Firefox.
Interestingly, it’s flawless in Edge. Works exactly as I would expect.

I use Safari

I have the same issue. It has showed up for a while. Guess for almost 1-2 years now. Sometimes this error does not appear, then suddenly it shows up again…

Edit: I‘m playing on iPhone…

Any chance of getting this problem solved, @JayKyburz ??

On Chrome, I find that if you hold the “click” down it doesn’t double click anymore. A bit annoying, but definitely works every time for me.