January/2019 1v1 EPIC Tournament with Mirrored Maps: Turn-Based


I missed it? : (


Sorry you missed this one @gyts - I had left the thread open for a week.
Keep checking the forums as I’ll probably start another one in Feb or Mar.


So @DarkDragonwing and I are off to a fast start - already 4 cycles in at tick #96.
Might slow down a bit this weekend as I’m skiing, but nice to have the game move along.

He was leading in some of the stats, but I made a bold move to the Western Sector, so snarfed some stars from him. Plus I got Hyper2 early, so I was able to expand to the back-side … but he recently finished that, so he’ll be catching up in star count.

Still too early to tell who will prevail - we’ve had some carnage, but a lot more to come.
it’s been a fun/good game!

Looking at @Karmadrome vs. @kexsel, the stats looks fairly mixed … so I assume pretty even (?)


Close game so far! We’re at Cycle 2 tick 60.


Here’s how things look in our galaxy at Cycle 5, Tick #120.


I just looked at the 1v1 of @Karmadrome and @kexsel
Holey-Moley is that a spread out battlefield! :wink:


You’re not kidding. Around 34LY across the center of the map, would take over 4.5 days to cross from one end to the other. :scream: Making these moves is stressful! :smile:


It’s a great map for plenty of conflict. Tight contest at the moment.


Here’s us at cycle 5-tic 120


FYI that after 306 ticks, I have finally prevailed against @DarkDragonwing

This was the first time he played a 1v1 … but I would have never guessed that as it was a furious fight. I got lucky with a HULK SMASH play for the Western Sector that gave me an edge in star count. I made a similar HULK SMASH move in the Eastern Sector, but @DarkDragonwing did some brilliant Warp Gate moves that stopped me cold … but it cost him some $$$ that enabled me to catch back up in the stats … and I eventually did an all-in move that succeeded and was able to blunt is counter-attack … plus his final last-chance desperate play for my core star which came close to succeeding.

A very enjoyable game that moved along fast against a formidable foe. You better watch out @Karmadrome when you play him in round #2 of the round-robin tournament! :wink: