January/2019 1v1 EPIC Tournament with Mirrored Maps: Turn-Based


I missed it? : (


Sorry you missed this one @gyts - I had left the thread open for a week.
Keep checking the forums as I’ll probably start another one in Feb or Mar.


So @DarkDragonwing and I are off to a fast start - already 4 cycles in at tick #96.
Might slow down a bit this weekend as I’m skiing, but nice to have the game move along.

He was leading in some of the stats, but I made a bold move to the Western Sector, so snarfed some stars from him. Plus I got Hyper2 early, so I was able to expand to the back-side … but he recently finished that, so he’ll be catching up in star count.

Still too early to tell who will prevail - we’ve had some carnage, but a lot more to come.
it’s been a fun/good game!

Looking at @Karmadrome vs. @kexsel, the stats looks fairly mixed … so I assume pretty even (?)


Close game so far! We’re at Cycle 2 tick 60.


Here’s how things look in our galaxy at Cycle 5, Tick #120.


I just looked at the 1v1 of @Karmadrome and @kexsel
Holey-Moley is that a spread out battlefield! :wink:


You’re not kidding. Around 34LY across the center of the map, would take over 4.5 days to cross from one end to the other. :scream: Making these moves is stressful! :smile:


It’s a great map for plenty of conflict. Tight contest at the moment.


Here’s us at cycle 5-tic 120


FYI that after 306 ticks, I have finally prevailed against @DarkDragonwing

This was the first time he played a 1v1 … but I would have never guessed that as it was a furious fight. I got lucky with a HULK SMASH play for the Western Sector that gave me an edge in star count. I made a similar HULK SMASH move in the Eastern Sector, but @DarkDragonwing did some brilliant Warp Gate moves that stopped me cold … but it cost him some $$$ that enabled me to catch back up in the stats … and I eventually did an all-in move that succeeded and was able to blunt is counter-attack … plus his final last-chance desperate play for my core star which came close to succeeding.

A very enjoyable game that moved along fast against a formidable foe. You better watch out @Karmadrome when you play him in round #2 of the round-robin tournament! :wink:


Lol, I was about to post that I’m not sure our game will last much longer as I’ve pulled quite far ahead. Then @kexsel pulled off an outrageous move to knock out a key star + a major fleet.
I think it’s probably a little too late, but who knows…
Tough, ferocious game!


@Karmadrome has got me on the ropes, but I’m not quite ready to tap out. :smile:


LOL I just took a look at your game - I see @kexsel’s dark blue line making a bold move right up the middle of @Karmadrome empire … is he going to take your core?


Lol, no. But it was caused by my lack of understanding of the game mechanics. You’d have thought after all these years playing this damn game I’d know how it works!


Won’t be taking his home star, but I’ve wrecked a bunch of his economy and forced him to close at least 3-4 warp gates around his core that would have been moving ships to the front lines so I’ve got a bit of breathing room I didn’t have a few days ago. Probably still a losing battle but I’m fighting the whole way. :+1:


Certainly got the home guard panicking!


I have mentioned this before.

When someone is using WG superhighway to attack your HW, the important thing to do is you should lie down in front of the bulldozer. :stuck_out_tongue:


The protection of your home should be a priority in your proper perspective.


LOL that now I see just a single @kexel star all by itself deep into @Karmadrome’s empire … :wink:


@kexsel is raiding ECON in @Karmadrome 's territory, and is within scan range of his HW, Garrnet. lol


@xjhdexter just watch the lights go out…
HW was never in danger, but thanks to @kexsel I’ve learnt a valuable lesson about WGs. Just goes to show no matter how long you’ve played there’s still more to learn.

Time to finish the job :wink: