January/2019 1v1 EPIC Tournament with Mirrored Maps: Turn-Based


Curious to hear more details on what he did - jump to a WG not within Scan range?

Since I’m playing @kexsel next, I want to be aware and ready for his tricks! :wink:


Exactly that. I didn’t know it was possible, so didn’t block the move…
I then found a large fleet deep behind my lines. Lesson learnt.


Not trying to rush you guys to finish your first round game (sounds like it was a doozy), but looking ahead to round two, how do these galaxies look?

@DarkDragonwing vs @Karmadrome - game link
@HULK vs @kexsel - game link


Looks intense, but I’m willing to give it a go.


Interesting design! Looks like a fun play.

@Karmadrome , if you don‘t mind I‘ll already join the map.


I’ve joined.


Maps look good to me. I think we’re just about done. :wink:


I see everyone has joined so we are ready to rumble.
I hope these maps play as well as the first round ones did.


Our 1st round has just ended. Very enjoyable battle and tough contest.
Thanks @kexsel for a great game.

On to the next round!


Just a reminder @Karmadrome and @DarkDragonwing to remember to make your moves and submit.
I know it’s a lot of work to do the first one … but I can’t pause your game from the 48 hours to submit.

@kexsel and I are off to a fast start - already at tick 48 and both are well bloodied.


Submitted yesterday, just waiting for @DarkDragonwing :stuck_out_tongue:


Just hit it! Sorry it has taken this long. But the NFL Championship Games on Sunday night just smashed my day yesterday :laughing: :sleeping:


FARTS - I always miss these!


Fast round here! Already Tick 42 after 24h, just waiting for @Karmadrome to make his moves for Ticks 43-48 and 49-54.

He surprised me with two nice moves which gave him 2 stars in my sector on Ticks 31-36. But it‘s early in the game, still an open game. But I already can say @Karmadrome is a real tough and skilled opponent. This one will be hard to win :smile:


@HOUSEBOAT_THANGS well pull your finger out next time. This tournament needs you :facepunch:


@kexsel and I are up to tick #150 - lots of excellent battles and he had an especially good incursion deep into my territory that I had to hunt down.

I’ve got a lead in stars, but he is leading in stats … mostly because I lagged in Econ and he’s stayed ahead of me. Hoping to catch up.


@DarkDragonwing ; @Karmadrome is tough … but you played well against me - take him down!


@HULK now now, no taking sides :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Our game is going much slooooower. We’re on tick 66.
Very even so far, only a few minor skirmishes, stars even and stats pretty even. It’s going to be a tough game to advance as the majority of stars in the conflict zone are rocks, so difficult to get a foothold.


Whew … @kexsel and I just finished our fast and furious game. I made a bold ALL-IN move against a warp gate of his just as he moved some ships away … so that really evened things up … and then I just kept putting the HULK SMASH on him … again … and again … and again … until finally we finished at TIck 318 just after I captured his home star. An exhilarating game that could have easily gone either way … and gone on much, much longer.

Just took a quick look at @DarkDragonwing and @Karmadrome game - looks like you are on Tick #168 and @Karmadrome has a slight lead - hope you guys having as much fun as I did! :wink:

Lets wait until you are done to do the third set of games in the round-robin … but no rush.
I could use a break … plus the HULK needs to get a recharge of Gamma Rays for the next battle! :wink:


Yes, ours is going a little slower, but is beginning to warm up. I’ve had some success in the West, but it looks like @DarkDragonwing has seen enough of that and has built a WG to help crush the Karma freedom fighters :wink: