January/2019 1v1 EPIC Tournament with Mirrored Maps: Turn-Based


Very tough game. Guess the one star on my side of the eastern sector that @Karmadrome has taken right from the beginning will make the game. Cause since then I need to defend 3 stars on that side, instead of two, which binds more ships and helping @Karmadrome to get a little advantage on the west. Very well played!


Everybody loves a nice carnage!


That was some serious carnage!


Since @Karmadrome has kicked my Big Fat Hairy Green A** before, I’m cheering for 'ya @DarkDragonwing - put some HULK SMASH on him! :wink:


@HULK I’m really looking forward to our 3rd round (grudge) match. Especially after all these rather biased comments :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I think the match up with @DarkDragonwing is progressing rapidly now, plenty of carnage. I hold the lead, but @DarkDragonwing is employing some fancy WG footwork to hinder my progress…


@HULK , you lost against @Karmadrome maybe because you wished him bad luck.

So maybe the strategy to win against Karmadrome is to wish him good luck? so the good karma will bounce back ? lol


@DarkDragonwing just conceded so we’re done.
That was a real tough battle. Thanks for a great game @DarkDragonwing

So @HULK time to dance… :wink:


Yeah, it really was a nice game, @Karmadrome !
Thanks for that one.
I‘m ready for the next game! Too sad it‘ll be the last one - for now.


Glad you guys had fun … and I’ll try to avenge 'ya @DarkDragonwing :wink:

@kexsel and @DarkDragonwing - will this game work for you guys?

@Karmadrome - below is all the leftover games still in my account:

Most are pretty spread out so I don’t think most will play that well (but might be something different) but I think #4 might work - what 'ya think?


Looks intense. I’m for it!


Game 4 definitely, I don’t think the others will play too well.


Cool . will starting figuring out my conquest plans in the next day … :wink:


Guess it will work, I‘m in :ok_hand:


I pinned this topic, and selected it to expire on FEB 1, and now it has become unpinned right on schedule. So that worked nicely, except this tournament is still on-going. hmmm . . . Should I pin it again ?


Thanks @xjhdexter … but no need to re-pin as we are in the final set of games … and at least in my game (which is the championship since we are both 2-0), @Karmadrome is kicking my big fat hairy green a** … so unless I do something miraculous soon, it will be over in a couple of days as we are submitting pretty fast.


Bit of a slow start for @DarkDragonwing and I, but we managed to get though our first cycle today. Still can’t see any enemy carriers yet but should see some next turn. Possibly even some combats? :hushed:


Always nice to get off to good start against @HULK but the trick is to not get complacent. You just know that the @HULK smash is coming… again and again and again :open_mouth:

@HULK how about starting the recruitment for the next one. I’m up for it, how about @kexsel, @DarkDragonwing, @HOUSEBOAT_THANGS, @nick.muzzio, @SuperDave, others …? :slight_smile:


I‘m up for the next one :smiley:


So in my game with @Karmadrome, I invested more in Science early on … whereas he did more Indy. This was his winning strategy in the previous two games against @kexsel and @DarkDragonwing … and at this point, looks like it will result in him doing a SMASH the HULK in our game! :wink:

It’s bothered me for some time that a “go big Indy strategy” often wins these 1v1 games … so I’d like to try to figure out some way to tip the scale so a “go big Science” could be a more viable option. We could make Science cheap … but I think that could get a bit too crazy. The other option would be to make Industry Expensive … what do you guys think of that?

P.S. Another thing that has somewhat bothered me is even with Experimentation locked, those 72 points can be pretty significant in the first half dozen cycles - much less so after that. I kind of like that there is still some randomness involved … plus I won’t deny that the first thing I check at the Cycle is what did I get a hit on!

I’ve asked Jay if it would be possible to start with ZERO experimentation - so it never comes into play.
What do you guys think of that?


I’d be interested in the next 1v1.

0 Exp would be interesting.

Is it possible to try 1v1 using Proteus rules?

What about trying 2v2 or 3v3 at some point?