January/2019 1v1 EPIC Tournament with Mirrored Maps: Turn-Based


Yes, 2v2 or 3v3 would be cool.


IMHO, if a player prefers buying lots of IND for the Zerg rush swarming tactic, then setting IND expensive may not discourage that player compared to other players, but could help slow it down a bit.

Setting SCI cheap may encourage players to buy more SCI & increase the effect from SCI.


Yea, I’m thinking cheaper Science might be better than expensive Indy … since if you do the later, it’s even more difficult to build outside the homestar.


Since your tournaments are mostly 1v1, usually much less than 8 players where trade is a bigger impact, setting SCI cheap could increase the :alien::japanese_goblin::space_invader: drama from tech.

Maybe also could select some of the research costs to be cheap to allow faster progressions within the shorter time span of galactic cycles to play a game ? However, the effect from unchanged production experimentation RP bonus would have a bigger effect in those adjusted techs.


@Karmadrome and I are on Tick #144 - Cycle 6.
Despite my higher investment in Science, we are dead even in Technologies.

I’ve got a lead in Econ (83-69), but am behind in Indy (64-76) and REALLY behind in Ships (764-1,034).
@Karmadrome’s lship ead has been increasing not only due to his higher Indy, plus I’ve been HULK SMASHING a far fringe of the galaxy that has been whittling down my ships … all for some crappy stars.

Not looking good for the Jolly Green Giant … :frowning:


@DarkDragonwing and i are now in Cycle 3 Tick 72. We’re within a few stars and as of this production we have earned the exact same techs (all level 2 except Manu). I’ve got a slight lead in economy and ships but everything else is very close. Shaping up to be a tough match!



Thought this fitting for your match. :smile:


LOL @kexsel - I’ve seen a LOT of HULK stuff, but never that one - hilarious! :wink:

@Karmadrome and I have played each other enough that could be him saying don’t SMASH HULK …

P.S. We are at TIck 192 - I’m still up in Econ (100-84) and Science (18-14 … but we are dead even on tech!) but he is ahead in Indy (90-81) and Ships (1,405-1,211) … so I’ve closed the gap a lttle bit, but he’s still got the upper hand.


@HULK seriously…watch Thor Ragnarok if you somehow haven’t already. :smile:


He hasn’t got time, he’s too busy SMASHing me!


@Karmadrome , are you wearing any green ? I think @HULK does not like it when you wear green.



LOL. It does feel a bit like that at the moment!!! :rofl:


@kexsel - I haven’t seen that movie yet - shame on me!

@xjhdexter - LOL on video … I’m HOPING it will be like that down the road - HULK SMASH Puny God @Karmadrome :wink:

We are now at Tick 240 and it’s been one heck of a battle!!!
I’ve been doing some serious Warp Gate “dancing” and made some lucky guesses … so while I’ve regained the lead in star count (79-75) that has cost me a lot of credits. I now just barely lead in Econ (100-96) and thanks to just capturing a big star (but it cost me dearly as it took three subsequent waves), I’m now up in Science (22-15) … so I’m +1 in Hyper and Bank Tech. However, @Karmadrome continues to lead in Indy (107-98) and Ships (1,501-1,306).

It didn’t look good for the Jolly Green Giant … but I’ve got a fighting chance now.


Things have been improving for the Jolly Green Giant the last several cycles - we are now at Tick 306.
@Karmadrome just made a bold all-in move from several WG;d stars again my main outpost (I would have done the same in his shoes) … but fortunately for me, I was starting to get worried, so I killed the WG - lucky to have good timing.

So even thought his other WG move on the West side of the map will crush my attacking Space Marines, as can be seen in the image below, this was THE BATTLE of the game … and it will go my way, tipping the balance of power my direction.

It’s been an incredible back-n-forth game with the tension ratcheting up each turn … game could easily have gone either way.


Our game is going on much slower - just on Tick 174 so far. @kexsel is leading - but fortunately his advantage is not too big yet :wink:

He did a nice unexpected move on Tureis. So I send my ships there. But when my ships arrived, he was already heading Hoedus… nice Economy bashing there! So I expected him to head Acrux next. But unfortunately he is flying to Sarir… the hunt isn‘t over yet! Pretty crazy move :open_mouth:

On my western sector he was going to make a bold warp move from Alwaid to Tegmen trying to guess a warp on my star down there. But I was warned by his first game against @Karmadrome, so I have decided not to build a warp gate on Tegmen. Lucky me. Smelling some carnage time :wink:

Our game is getting very interesting now! Much fun to play :smiley:


I just wish i was able to sneak past your lines with more ships! 95 will have to do. :smile:

Good call on avoiding the “obvious” star for the warp gate. That could have gone much worse for you than the 95 that snuck through on the Eastern front. :wink:


After 390 ticks, the “Karma Killer 2” attack carrier (Karma Killer 1 got wiped out!) is on the way toward his core and should win. Even at the end as my lead became overwhelming, @Karmadrome didn’t go down easy. It’s been a super battle - I think this will set a new record for longest 1v1 game

Interestingly enough, despite being ahead in Science the entire game (and very much so the last cycle or two), in tech, I only lead by one level in Hyper and two in Banking. I do think getting Manu earlier in the game helped me … but wish we could make Science just a little bit stronger so it could have more of an influence. Not sure how to do that since may overly upset the game parameters which are kinda balanced right now.

It is cool that Warp Gates come into play … but there’s a steep price to pay for them (and dangerous to turn them on - as @kexsel and @DarkDragonwing said) … so good that is another strategy to pursue.


So our game is over - LOL that @Karmadrome renamed his core star “Hulk’s Prize” :wink:

He was so funny (especially at the end game) that rather than try to keep up with him in the humor department, I just renamed a star “LOL Hilarious Star Names”

Truly one of the most enjoyable (and challenging) NP games I’ve played.

So back to maybe somehow making Science more of an option in the 1v1’s.
I’m thinking I could make Science cheap … but that might be too much. Wonder if that should be combined with making Science more expensive to research?


@HULK I enjoyed our game immensely (aside from the result). A real tough battle, certainly not for the faint hearted. I genuinely thought I had you at one point, but you managed to use your WGs to great effect. I think those WGs and the “slight” lead in science gave you the advantage in the end.
I can’t remember having made an obvious mistake other than my strategy clearly not working.
Excellent game and well played.


@Karmadrome - I didn’t see you make any obvious mistakes from my end … and while I made a few minor ones (we all do), you really had me on my toes NOT to make a big one, because I knew you would make me pay for it. So yea, a great battle between two equally matched foes. Cool that we employed differing strategies (you went more Indy - I had more WG’s) and as mentioned, I’d like to see if there is a way to make “Science the Sh*t out of it” a more viable winning strategy.

FYI that I’ve still got two games “leftover” … but these are very spread out and might not play very well … but it would be something different - anyone interested?