January/2019 1v1 EPIC Tournament with Mirrored Maps: Turn-Based


@HULK I’ll give the other games a miss for now. I’ve got a busy period IRL coming up, so I’m limiting my NP involvement.


I‘m in for the 2nd one. It‘s time to smash the @HULK :smiling_imp:


OK @DarkDragonwing - ready to rumble?

Remember this game is the same parameters (not cheap science) so Dr. Bruce Banner doesn’t have as big as role … but as always, the HULK is ready to SMASH! :wink:


FYI that @DarkDragonwing and @kexsel appears to be having quite the battle since as what I can gather from the stats/map, @DarkDragonwing has closed the gap a bit as they approach the end of Cycle 11.

@DarkDragonwing and I are playing a “spread out” game that has had some interesting game play … and he’s gone more Science while my strategy is (surprise) HULK SMASH! :wink:

So he’s ahead in Science and Tech, but I lead in Stars, Econ, and Indy as we just finished Cycle 6.


@DarkDragonwing has certainly done a good job making me pay for my mistakes the last few cycles, I couldn’t help but feel I squandered my advantage on too many risky attacks. This one is gonna hit the mark though! :scream:



@kexsel is Mach5 = blue circle, @DarkDragonwing is ChaoZ = cyan.
Screenshot is from blue star Dux, scanning 5 = 7 LY, so excludes Lesath.

Blue 231 ships is 2 ticks from combat at Cyan HW Megrez.

Cyan has 30 ships reinforcing 2 ticks away, launched from Mothallah.
Megrez will build 6 or 7 ships in 1 tick = 20 IND * ( 5 + Manu 3 ) / 24 tick per cyc
Megrez will defend with 111 ships weapons 3+1.
Blue will lose 148 ships, capture Megrez with 83 ships + liquidate 20 ECON, tilt 20 IND + 4 SCI,
then build +6 or 7 ships= 89 ships.

Sometime those earlier mistakes can be a small price to pay for big gains elsewhere !

Wonder if this is just a big diabolical plan, and ChaoZ actually has you exactly where he wants you ? LOL ! He might have reinforcements on the way from beyond scan range ?


Only one tick away with warp gate up… :grinning:
I definitely won’t be able to hold it, likely he’ll have it back in his control by production, but too late to save the economy there.


@kexsel, that was a nice move that I did not expect!
I‘m behind in ships, Econ and Indu by Tick 300, but equal in stars and +1 in Science.

This game is very crazy! Not sure who will win this game.


Woooo … tick #300 and even in stars … that is a pitched battle!

@DarkDragonwing and I are at Tick #216 on our extra 1v1 game … the HULK has been SMASHING! :wink:


Tick #366 - what a game!


Amazing the difference a few cycles makes. We were dead even before that strike on your home star took out all that economy. Apologies if I’m playing slow and steady now, don’t want to give you an easy counter punch to get back in the game! I’m trying not to spend too much on science or warp gates and just boost my ship advantage through industry as much as possible.


Yeah, that move on my home star was deadly! Since then, you have a huge advantage in economy and therefore in Indu (and Science), too - funny how one single mistake can turn a game. Again, nice move there :smile: :ok_hand:
Not sure, if I can close that gap again. But it‘s a fun game at all. Am glad to be in there :smile: .

And there’s nothing you have to apologize for! All is fine.


Note to self in my game against @DarkDragonwing - don’t let him take out my home star! :wink:


Better don‘t! Losing 20 Eco is just the worst in these games! Very hard to get back into the game…


Well, there are two sides to this coin.

You do not want to receive an ECON raid, so you should always defend against receiving one.

Delivering an ECON raid can be a beneficial tactic of attrition warfare.


Game’s all done at tick 480. Really close, hard fought match. Still dead even in techs even up to the end. Good fun though, would play again!


Thanks for the update - I’ve updated the first post … and glad you guys had fun.

Here’s a screenshot of my extra game against @DarkDragonwing at Tick312 - 13 cycles.
We made Science cheap … so that is making some difference … although not as much as I had hoped.

BTW, @DarkDragonwing made a GREAT move and took out my core … which I fortunately re-captured … but that was 20 Economy that got wiped out - OUCH! I’m being a bit more careful now! :wink:


Just to be totally confusing i believe you’re actually playing your extra game against @DarkDragonwing (Chaoz) rather than me (Mach_5). It’s our fault for having different names on the forums. :smile:


Ooops … yea, you are correct - posts fixed!
And yea, it is a bit confusing … but clearly I should have caught it.


Sounds like that was a game and a half. Well done for sticking at it!
All for 3rd place and bragging rights :wink: