Jester King and purchasing Heroes


I’m currently playing a game where we’re trying to deal with a Jester King. We’ve been trying to avoid summoning heroes until we can deal with it, so when I captured a dwarven town and a hero appeared, I thought I was in luck. However, it’s kind of unclear how the volunteer heros affect the jester king.

  • The jester did not seem to power up when the volunteer hero appeared
  • Upon deciding to not purchase the hero, I was not able to select it to give orders (I’d just be prompted to spend a hero coin again)
  • I was able to gather the volunteer hero into an army and give it orders that way
  • Upon paying a hero coin in order to be able to use it in later games, the jester king powered up and the timer on his power reset

Since the only difference game-wise that paying a hero coin makes is adding the hero to my collection, it seems strange that that causes the jester to power up. Should I not be able to move a not-paid-for volunteer hero, should paying the coin not affect the jester, or is everything working as intended? If the latter is the case, could the conditions of the jester powering up be made more clear?

Also, while I’m talking about the jester, what actually happens when the timer runs out? I’m guessing and hoping that the might bonus resets, but I can’t find it stated anywhere.