July/2019 1v1 EPIC Tournament with Mirrored Maps

The last 1v1 tournament was in May … so figured time for some more mano-mano carnage! :wink:
Results: SuperDave wins and continues his domination of the 1v1 tournaments!

  1. @HULK vs @Ralx - game link - HULK WIN

  2. @SuperDave vs @Gruffler22 - game link - SuperDave WIN

  3. @Gwimweeper vs @Karmadrome -game link - Karmadrome WIN

  4. @ZeusAlmighty vs @HOUSEBOAT_THANGS - game link - ZeusAlmighty WIN

  5. @Ralx vs. @Gruffler22 - game link - Ralx WIN

  6. @Gwimweeper vs @HOUSEBOAT_THANGS - game link - Gwimweeper WIN

  7. @HULK vs @SuperDave - game link - SuperDave WIN (SMASHES the HULK in 3 cycles!)

  8. @Karmadrome vs @ZeusAlmighty - game link - Karmadrome WIN

  9. @Ralx vs @ZeusAlmighty - game link - ZeusAlmighty WIN

  10. @Hulk vs Grimweeper - game link - HULK WIN

  11. @SuperDave vs @Karmadrome - game link - SuperDave WIN

  12. @HULK vs @ZeusAlmighty - game link - HULK WIN

  13. @Karmadrome vs @HULK - game link - HULK WIN

  14. @SuperDave vs @Hulk - game link - SuperDave WIN

Same setup as before with the following mods from default params:
Weapons start at Level3 and are LOCKED (whoever gets W4 first has a too-big-of advantage)
Experimentation is LOCKED at Level1 and Manufacturing is Expensive to Research
Cheap Science (this seems to work well and provide some balance to an Indy-fest)
EPIC (64 stars/player) Galaxy with Far Distances
HomeStar is 20/20/4 rather than 5/5/1
Starting Cash is $2,000 (don’t spend it all at once, but lots of carriers to expand is recommended)
You start with ONE star that has 50 ships
The Map is MIRRORED … so you each have IDENTICAL starting positions.
Real-time games favor those who are willing to forgo sleep, so the play is turn-based SIX ticks/turn … although if Jay enables smaller ticks per this thread, we may try 3 ticks/turn.

Since this is an EPIC map, it will take a while to play out … please do NOT sign up if you can’t commit to AT LEAST a move/day … ideally a couple/day to keep things moving along. Note that you are allowed 48 hours to submit which is to take care of the (hopefully very rare) situation where something comes up in RL and you can’t submit in a day. Since it is 1v1, there is no diplomacy (except razzing your opponent!) and with turn-based, if you are the 2nd person to submit (and advance the turn), then please try to make your subsequent moves and hit that SUBMIT button! :wink:

Note that you do NOT need to be a premium NP player to participate … but if you have a “free” account, you are limited to 2 games at a time … so please don’t sign up for the 1v1 tournament if you can’t keep an open slot. Or better yet, consider signing up for premium and toss Jay a few bucks for a great game! :wink:

Hopefully we can keep things moving along so people aren’t delayed, but (assuming players start at about the same time), lets try to keep it to one month for any game/round but if everyone else finishes, then you have a week (and at least 2 cycles) to finish. Winner decided by most stars with tiebreaker being most ships. Stalling to win by time is lame (in NP and any sport), so please don’t abuse the time limits. Most of the tournament games finished in 2 weeks, so hopefully we can move along at a similar pace. I just don’t want people to have to wait around too long and lose interest.

If “something” comes up, the Tournament Director (that would be the Jolly Green Giant aka the Rule-Meister!) will attempt to make the fairest decision that benefits the most people. Sorry for all the fine-print legalese!

Please reply here in this thread if you’d like to join in on the carnage (and can commit to keep the games moving along) and I’ll setup the tournament!

Signed up: @HULK - @HOUSEBOAT_THANGS - @ZeusAlmighty - @Ralx - @Gruffler22 - @SuperDave (defending galactic champion in 1v1) - @Gwimweeper - @Karmadrome

Since 8 is a nice even number, we’ll go with that … and if someone else wants to play, put your name down and you can be a sub. Per discussion below, we are going to do a double elimination and using a semi-random process, here’s what the brackets look like which I’ll update as we go along.


Sign me up!

I am down as well. ‘ZeusAlmighty’

I’m here, buccaneer. Count me in.

@HULK How many peeps are we going for?

I will give it a go, ‘Gruffler22’!

Go ahead and sign me up.

Please sign me ( Gwimweeper) up.

Add everyone to the first post - 7 players so far - keep spreading the word!

Count me in.

So we are up to 8 players … which is a nice number for a single-elimination tournament.

But I’m thinking if we have 9, we could do 3 brackets of 3 teams playing a round-robin (with the 3 winners then advancing to a final round-robin) … which also guarantees everyone gets at least 2 games.

Any preference from you guys?

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I would suggest hanging on to get someone else, or maybe even more if they’re quick.

I like the idea of 3 brackets ensuring everyone gets 2 games in. That way if you make a mistake as a game plays out, you aren’t out of the tournament completely. However, what’s the tie breaker if a bracket of 3 players ends up 1-1, 1-1, 1-1?

I prefer more games/chances to beat you fools.

I like that attitude @Ralx! :wink:

Yea, good point @SuperDave on what happens if in a 3-player round-robin, it goes 1-1, 1-1, 1-1. I’m thinking if there are 4 players, the odds of a “tie” are much less - believe 2-1, 2-1, 2-1, 0-3 is the only situation. But yea, that kinda screws everything up.

Soooooo … another option is a double elimination tournament … be awesome if someone loses in the first round, make it to the Finals, and then wins (twice) to take the tournament.!

It’s twice as many games than single elimination … and with 8 players, we have the “right” number to do it.

What 'ya think @HOUSEBOAT_THANGS - @ZeusAlmighty - @Ralx - @Gruffler22 - @SuperDave - @Gwimweeper - @Karmadrome

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I am game for what ever you want to go with.

If it really goes 1-1 for all three players, can we do another set of round robin? Or the two who had the biggest margins (based on some metric) in their victories do a 1v1 tie breaker?

I like the round robin idea the most, but I don’t know how we could do some kind of a tie breaker (based on victory metric) since some games may go to conclusion while others have opponents concede once the game turns too much. As such, I think double elimination with 8 players would be best with a winner bracket and a losers bracket like the college baseball world series does. That allows someone someone who loses to fight their way back to the finals in the lower bracket.

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One metric for tie breaker for the three-way 1-1 scenario could be for the two fastest victors to do a 1v1.

@HULK Can we kick out @SuperDave? And find another? That guy is too good at this 1v1 biz, I remember the last tourney lol. But in all seriousness, I better get my gaem tight lol.

I’d like to roll round robin too, I think. Definitely wouldn’t be a 1 and done that way if I run into a STEAMROLLAH Rd.1 - you know? That said, I’d be fine however we land on it.

Give me someone easy like @Karmadrome :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: