July/2019 1v1 EPIC Tournament with Mirrored Maps

@HOUSEBOAT_THANGS I just think of myself as lucky!

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WRT round-robin tie-breakers: Besides head-to-head as tie-breaker, there really is no easy way to tie-break … because a losing player may see the writing on the wall and agree to concede … so time of match doesn’t work … not does star margin/etc.

A 4-way round-robin has less chance of a tie … but it could still happen … so then would have to be replayed which slows things down for the other players.

I agree it’s desirable not to have a “one and done” … so sounds like a double-elimination tournament would work best.

I agree that @SuperDave is fearsome in 1v1’s (he’s won the most tourney’s) … so maybe a KILLDOZER can take him out! :wink:

So as a method of semi-random placement, I sorted the players by length of their name (secondary key is alphabetic) and got:
@HULK (4)
@Ralx (4)
@SuperDave (9)
@Gruffler22 (10)
@Gwimweeper (10)
@Karmadrome (10)
@ZeusAlmighty (11)

Does that sound like an amenable bracketing?

And per note above, it sounds like we are leaning toward double elimination (hoping that we have 8 motivated players that can submit on a timely basis).

How dare you!!! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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No idea what a double elimination means, but I’ll go with whatever. As long as I get @HOUSEBOAT_THANGS along the way :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Double elimination means you have to lose twice before you are out.
Click here to see what an 8-team bracket looks like.

With the pairings above, if both you and and @HOUSEBOAT_THANGS win your first round games, you would meet in round two for a grudge match! :wink:

@HULK…works for me.

@Karmadrome…bewarned that @Gwimweeper is a 52 game winner. He’s in the game I’m playing now and is tough! However, he’s not familiar with the 1v1 format at all.

No problem I’m one of the weaker players anyway :slightly_frowning_face:

@Karmadrome…don’t go stealing the “humble” position from me! I already have that claimed.

I like the braket @HULK, how are you going? TOP v BOTTOM, TOP -1 v BOTTOM - 1? Or 1v2, 3v4, etc?

Yes, I’d like to know the seeding. 1-8, 2-7, etc?

There is no “seeding” - just random distribution.
It’s just top-down order … i.e. first round matches are 1-2, 3-4, 5-6, 7-8.

Remember if we do a double elimination, you have a chance to come back … plus if you get knocked out, there’s always another NP tournament … just like another NP game! :wink:

I’m a bit busy over July 4th … so thinking maybe I’ll just go with all that and create some games (see params in the first post) to get things going for everyone!

Update: Here’s what the tournament bracket would look like.

I am happy with whatever you decide to go with.

PS. I note my nick in the bracket has a ( common) miss-spelling…

Ooops … I fixed that in the first post.
Game links posted there - join when you are ready to rumble!

I’m in and ready to rock and roll :sunglasses:

I want in as well!

Since we had 8 players (perfect number), we fired up the tournament @WolfFang1414 … but if we have someone drop out, you’ll be the first substitute.

These tournaments usually don’t fill this fast (maybe I should have tried for 16 players) … so if I see a bunch of other players chime in, I’ll start a mirror tournament of the second set of 8 players … with each champion meeting for a grand finale.

Fair enough. I’ll be ready for next month then!

So I get to play the raining champ in the first round? Oh good. :dizzy_face: Thank you for the two games before your out rule…
I am surprisingly nervous/excited!