June/2018 1v1 EPIC Tournament with mirrored maps - a draw


LOL that @nick.muzzio and @HOUSEBOAT_THANGS are definitely mixing things up - with the long border, incursions from both sides!


I see that @nick.muzzio has prevailed against @HOUSEBOAT_THANGS … so I have updated post #19 and he’ll play the winner of my game against @PafuriZA

On the original tournament of 8, @SuperDave beat @Badgerbadgerbadger, so I’ve updated post #1. The other three games are ongoing and all appear close - @Karmadrome and I are having a serious battle and both players are swinging hard at each other.


@PafuriZA made some bold moves early in our game, but my reinforcing carriers arrived just in time to defend … and then I just kept growing … so he graciously conceded and I’m advancing to the FInals against @nick.muzzio - waiting to hear back from him if he’s OK with another lock EXP game.


is ended. Should we start next round with @SuperDave, or wait C, D block?


Congrats @Mcdarwinn on your win and I have updated the first post.
If you are both ready, I’d suggest firing up your game against @SuperDave - here’s two to consider:
#1 looks a bit more exciting to me if you both agree that will work.
Password is “t3r2”

@Tr0n has a lead over @Affordable_Desk while I have a slight lead over @Karmadrome … so once those games finish, we’ll start that semi-final game.


@hulk Thank you.
#1 is ok for me. If @SuperDave ok too, we can start.


@Mcdarwinn and @SuperDave have started their game - first post updated.

@nick.muzzio and I have started our game in the “secondary” tournament - post #20 updated.


After 352 ticks (almost 15 cycles), I have finally defeated @Karmadrome
It was quite the battle (and quite fun) as until near the end (when I started to steamroll), it could have gone either way.

I’ve updated the first post and I’ll play the winner of @Tr0n and @Affordable_Desk … although since the star count is 93-41, @Tr0n should win that one.


Right that’s it! If I lose it’s because of your negative attitude there I said it. There was that time when my playing style slipped @Tr0n into a boredom induced coma and I almost won on AFKs but then they moved two carriers in one turn, I can’t compete with moves like that it’s like playing Deep Blue.


Here here, I’m totally with @Affordable_Desk on this one! Just because @HULK reached some notional number of stars, apparently it’s game over. Well NO WAY!! I was just about to kick his ass (note the US spelling so I’m being inclusive and all that). We’ve all got to stand up to the man on this one. And yes I might have had a drink or two, but that’s go nothing NOTHING to do with it…


LOL @Affordable_Desk and @Karmadrome - it ain’t over until it is over! :wink:
I (seriously) appreciate that attitude … and also that it is a Friday night so I should start drinking myself … :wink:


Speaking of games, @nick.muzzio made a smart move in our game to finish Hyper first … and has outflanked me on both sides of the map … so I’ve got to really start getting ANGRY and do some HULK SMASH! :wink:


@Affordable_Desk , I think 6 carriers is not enough to defend an empire of 41 stars. I suggest you have more carriers.


I’m in for next round if and when it happens. :slight_smile:


I have some travel the first week of August, but will setup another tournament after that - look for my post!


That’s good, I travel the first week of August as well. I should be in for the next round!


Glad to hear we already have some signups for the next tournament.

FYI that in the mini-follow-on, I have prevailed against @nick.muzzio and updated post #20.


As I’m a glutton for punishment I’ll be up for the next one.

Incidentally, isn’t it about time for another (non 1v1) tourney?


Your sleepy hypno-magic almost worked on me! :grinning:

But then I thought to myself, what would @HULK do? …SMASH!!! :rofl:


@Tr0n did do a HULK SMASH against @Affordable_Desk and has won his game … advancing to the semi-finals against the Jolly Green Giant and we have just started our game - first post updated.