June/2018 1v1 EPIC Tournament with mirrored maps - a draw


@HULK Just out of curiosity, is there a time limit on your game with Tr0n? My game with Mcdarwinn (round 2) is already over so I’m wondering what rules in post #1 apply here?!? I don’t really care, but rules are rules, eh?!? :slight_smile:


Welllll … it does seem a bit unfair to @Tr0n (and me) since he just finished his previous game to get rushed in this one. When I wrote that rule, I had in mind that games started at the same time. So I’d say lets fall back on the game can’t take longer than a month … and we started on July 20th. We just finished Cycle 1, but so far, the player who finishes the turn has submitted for the next one, so that moves things along.

Being a rule-miester isn’t a whole lotta fun …


lol. A month sounds good. Good luck to you both!


@Tr0n and I are having a spirited game … he went right up the middle against me for early carnage, but I’m going to return the favor on the right side of the map as a large carrier beat his by a tick.

He opted to research Hyper first (which I almost did myself) and so was therefore able to plant some flags on the further away stars and was the first to 50 stars - 100 are needed for the win.

I opted to fund the sh*t out of Dr. Bruce Banner to catch up, so we’ll see if that strategy pays off. He’s got a LOT more Econ than me plus Banking.


FYI that I did some HULK SMASH moves against @Tr0n and tipped the scales in favor of me … and @Tr0n graciously conceded. He did sign up with @nick.muzzio to take on @SuperDave and I in a 2v2 … so he is looking for revenge and to do some SMASHING of the HULK! :wink:

@SuperDave: Since we are both in other 1v1 games and just started the 2v2 game, I’m hoping it’s OK with you to delay the start of our FInals. You remain undefeated in 1v1 (and SMASHED me several times) … so I want my full attention to try to break your streak! :wink:


Delaying the finals is fine with me. The longer we wait the longer I’m undefeated!


@SuperDave and I have started our final match - watch it here.

One minor and agreed upon change was we are doing 6-tick jumps. This makes for a much more playable game IMHO as reduces (some!) the ability to do “surprise” jumps … but means 4 turns/cycle rather than 3 … so you want all players to be submitting without taking the full 48 hours. We about to finish Cycle2 (after less than 1 day after starting) so we are moving along well.

It’s a funky galaxy - 40+ resource stars surrounded by rocks. Plus there is an extended border between us so lots of places to battle . First carnage has already occurred … with much more to come!

@SuperDave is undefeated in 1v1’s … hopefully we can change that here … :wink:


As a followup/closure, @SuperDave had some RL issues come up (and I’ve got some myself), so going to call it a draw.


@HULK @SuperDave

Dang, hope everything works out for ya’ll.