Jupiter's Folly

What happened to Jupiter’s folly? It seemed pretty cool but it also seems to be completely dead. Is it going to be worked on in the future or is it abandoned?

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Would like to have an answer to this too.

I really liked that game, particularly the mix between competition and mutual threat.

Jupiter’s Folly runs on Adobe Flash, the same way that Blight 1 ran.

Adobe Flash has a lot of security vulnerabilities, and is being deprecated by some browsers.

Jupiter’s Folly also uses the older style Google Account login, which was also deprecated.

So I would guess the combination of these two problems, is mostly the reason why JF is being deprecated.
EDIT : Well, mainly because of Adobe Flash.

Wonder what Jay’s plans are for JF ? or a JF2 ?

Oh sorry guys, I forgot to write back when to this thread last week. I got swamped with work.

I really liked JF as well, but it was a big of a flop. I’m not sure what people didn’t like about it but I think the aliens and the dark broing moon rock map just wasn’t appealing to people.

Back in the day my business strategy was to try and make a new game every 6 months. I was going to try and build up a large library of small but interesting games.

I see. Shame it didn’t catch on, but it was a wise decision to stop working on it if it did. Better to put that time, effort and money into something that people enjoy and has better returns :slight_smile: