"King Of The Hill" game mode

This is an idea that my friends and I came up with a while ago.

  • Circular galaxy. In the centre of the galaxy, roughly equidistant
    from all homeworlds, is the Core.
  • On production, whichever player owns the Core scores one point.
  • First player to X points is the victor, no other victory conditions.
  • Any player can send ships to the Core, which acts like a normal star for the most part, but once a carrier arrives it cannot be issued new orders- once there, it can’t leave.
  • When a point is scored, the Core is wiped clean. Anything built there is destroyed, as are all ships and carriers.

I think this would be an interesting variant to the game. You’d have to strike a balance between the normal galactic conquest, and focus on the Core itself- but scoring points could be very expensive, as it leads to the destruction of your ships. Anyone who secures the area around the Core would be able to score points without as much cost, but of course they immediately become the enemy of everyone else in the galaxy. Also, pour too many resources into securing the Core, and you’ll likely lose the fights going on elsewhere and end up outmatched by someone who’s conquered half the galaxy whilst you were busy.

What do you think?


I think that that would be a different game.

I think this could be a fun game mode. We could play test it by simply making a note about who owns the centre star each production.

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I’m going outa town for a couple of weeks … but I’d give this a shot … and yea, Jay’s right that you can just manually keep track and agree to this as a ground rule.

Yes, I mentioned this game mode in our other team game as well. I would definitely want to try something similar.

Sounds fun, if you start a game like this I would play.

I’m in!

Same here!

OMG! If there are other ancients out there… Mike Singleton (sadly no longer with us) had a snail mail game called Starlord I used to play. It was rather reminiscent of NP which is why I started playing. But anyway Starlord did actually revolve around a center star that if you owned you were the ‘Emperor’. If you were the emperor then you had complete scan range of the entire universe… which of course helped a bit in hanging on to it;) LAter he added four citadel stars that ‘princes’ owned. Could be very intersting,

You just reminded me I want to implement that game mode where the stars rotate at different speeds around a center star. I think it would be cool to watch your empire slowly expand and merge with other players empires.


One idea you could do is have the AI player hold a valuable star with a lot of resources. This star would be tough to take. The stars around the middle star would have more resources than usual but won’t be a fortress like the middle star. Whoever can take the middle star wins the game. The AI player would have a limited amount of stars so he doesn’t get so strong the stars can’t be captured. Players would have to build up an army big enough to attack the AI player. The idea is to have a big empire that you and an ally or team would take.

Wow Jay! Rotating star orbits around the centre at varied speeds.
Yes please, that would be amazing. More game original game modes / options like this would make the game truly unique and interesting.

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Along with the stars moving I suggested some months ago having something destroying some stars (maybe a black hole or a star destroying alien object).

For the rotating stars, I would make the center rotate faster than the outer stars. This would make it similar to a real galaxy.

I am not sure how this would work with the new scanned trade settings. A star would rotate and be in scanning range sometimes then come out of scanning range. Holding a star in the middle would be useful for trading or attacking another player. The outer stars would need a slow rotation. Maybe 2 different speed settings so players can keep the star design they create.

Also I think it would be neat to have a middle that isn’t conquerable but is there for design. Kinda like the core of a galaxy.

Experimental game!