King of the Hill Game Mode

I had the idea of doing a king of the hill game in NP and I think it sounds pretty fun so I wanted to post here to get ideas/see who’s interested.

My thought now is that it would be a circular galaxy with everyone on the outside and one or possibly multiple AIs spawning in the middle, and the first one to control the AI(s) homeworld for X ticks wins the game. I would obviously roll maps until there is a decent one, and would also probably turn some techs up, specifically hyperspace to limit getting slowed by star spawn, to speed it up a bit more.

The biggest problem I see with it is that there is no long term motivation for an alliance, which makes it hard for just one person to manage it. To fix that I was thinking either secondary objectives to give allies a way to do something, set teams, or a points system where each tick you control the homeworld and then have an end condition to decide when to tally them all up

If anyone has ideas I would love to hear them, also comment if would be interested in something like this

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Sounds fun, count me in when it happens.