Lack of intel on battles between other players

In other browser games I play there is a daily journal, recording all significant changes in territory, combat losses, player announcements, and the start and end of wars. I can see that some of this might not make sense in space, but it would be nice to be able to know something about what is going on elsewhere.

Have I missed a way to get intel on battles fought by other players?
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Thanks, that was something I needed, but not what I asked for! :wink:

The intel graphs are what you get and they are deliberately aggregated in 6h chunks which makes it harder to get the info you want. You can use the API to gather data hourly and graph it yourself…

For better or worse, a lot of NP seems to be about what the player is willing to spend time to do/build to get the info that makes them better. There are tools out there that I haven’t tried, like npstats, which are probably worth looking at.


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Gamer @Dysp created a tool. You need to first register an account, then from your game hit shortcut key “O” Options to create an API code to type into Dysp tool.

Gamer @Qwerty created a tool.

Gamer @olus2000 is in the process of developing a tool.

So this one is still a work in progress.