Last Man Standing Wins?

So, this is the game The Fringes of Grus as I see it:

I’m Coffee Reavers, and only Foz and I are left.

With 6 AI’s, they naturally have better tech

So, today Foz asked me that if he quit, whether he would get second place or not, because this game is not one either one of us can win anytime soon, if ever.

All the AI’s have more tech than either of us, and while I’m getting attacked by 4 AIs at once, Foz is getting attacked by two at once.

Back to Foz’s question, even though I’ve been in one game whre everyone else quit, and that game went on until the normal star capture amount, something kept telling me that if Foz did indeed get 3 more stars and quit, he would get 2nd and I would win, but I’m just not sure.

Maybe it’s if EVERYONE quits that positions are automatically awarded.

Does anyone know for sure? And if it doesn’t work that way, I really think the last man standing SHOULD be given the win.

If Foz quits, then you will be the last human player, and with you being in first – the button on the leaderboard for you won’t say “Concede Game” it will say “Claim Victory”. If you click that, you will win and get 1st. Foz however won’t get any rank because he is in 4th. Players who have conceded (i.e. they have QUIT in their leaderboard line) will still earn rank if they end 1, 2 or 3. Players who don’t earn rank are those whom have gone AFK.

Oh, yes, it’s coming back to me, I’ve done this once before, thanks.

And as for Foz, I arranged to give him 4 of my stars.