Lategame AI

Does the AI stop working after a certain tick count? I noticed in a game that had progressed for a long time that when I quit it simply did nothing. Did not spend any credits, move any carriers or attack. Is there some reasoning behind this AI behaviour?

As documented in the guide to the AI, they will do nothing once they hit 50 stars or 1 star.

As Osric said… but also note that when they then go UNDER 50 stars they will switch on and start spending that cash that they’ve stocked up, and immediately start attacking

I think you might want to change that link to read-only. By the looks of it anyone can edit it, but I didin’t try so maybe I’m wrong.

Also, might be worth changing that the AI does in fact cancel looping orders when the player has 50+ stars, since that is what happened to me.

Is there a reason to this? It’s more realistic that the AI defends and attacks poorly than doing nothing at all.

It’s not my document and I believe it is the author’s intent that people be able to collaborate by commenting on it or editing it.

As far as I know, the doc does specify that when someone goes AI it immediately cancels all looping orders; that’s not a 50 star thing, that happens no matter what.

You’d have to ask @JayKyburz - it’s just how it works i don’t do the why :slight_smile:

Oh alright, I guess the community is really cool and don’t enjoy destroying for no purpose, rare these days.

Under the Inactive AI headline it states that looping continues, but I do think I saw somewhere else that it does not. Does not really matter that much so I’ll leave it, maybe I interpreted it wrong.

Fair enough :smile:

Oh alright, I guess the community is really cool and don’t enjoy destroying for no purpose, rare these days.

Absolutely. This is one of the best internet communities I’ve ever seen.

No one wants to see the AI win a game. Maybe thats why it shuts off after 50+ stars? Give the human players a chance to come back.

My personal opinion is that I’d rather see an AI win than have a player easily swallow a whole players empire and jump to the top of the leaderboard. Also, players tend to move all ships to one front for war, AI does not seem to do this as much, which makes it much easier to take over.

But I get it’s not necessarily your opinion, just a speculation as to why it is this way.