Lazy Hydra


Ive noticed this now in two games on different maps.
The undead hydra seems to decide it wants to nest rather then hunt and doesn’t move again.
Initial musings might be that it detected its nearest valid target but was unable to use a direct route due to land in the way.(it would have to travel a longer route via swamps)


Do you remember if there were any living towns in the swamp that they could reach.

They need a special AI that will seek out armies in their swamps when all the towns are gone.


I think I have a case of lazy hydra here

as far as I know there is no harm in sending that link & I think you can dig details out from it


how long has it been sitting there.

Sending me links to games is good because I can download them and see what is going on inside.

edit: Yep this is broken. I will see if I can fix now.


most the game - i’m not too sure I remember about a day back thinking if it moved in the wrong way it would be a disaster


So lets plan for a disaster when the hydra gets moving


(smiling) great


OK, heads up. The hydra should start moving again.

I also added some code so that if a unit can’t path to any settlement, it will move to the nearest enemy.

(because there are no living settlements in the swamps or a unit is trapped on an island)


lol… I thought that was a design decision.

In my last MP game, we had a 6000 strength hydra running around while we were still scrambling to get our first settlements. Seemed way too strong for that early in the game, but after adjusted our strategy to assume it was going to steamroll every troll village across the entire map, it grabbed one settlement and just hung out there for the entire game.

seemed to be designed as an ‘end-game’ boss or something.