Lazy New Turn Emails

I have emails enabled, so theoretically I get notified when a new turn is ready. However, these emails never actually seem to be sent until I’ve logged in to the game in question, which is obviously not very useful. As soon as I do access the game on the new turn, I get an email notifying me that the new turn is ready.

Obviously this isn’t much of a problem for real-time games where production times don’t change, but for turn-based games it can come as quite a surprise to log in and discover that the next orders are due in thirty seconds.

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I’ve seen someone else report that they don’t seem to send until someone from the game logs in.

I can confirm this.

This is not a bug. The job that sends the emails runs In turn based games when the first person logs in after the turn. You don’t have to worry about ever going AFK unless you ignore the emails.