Leave Game

So ouch. I accidentally left a game 5 days in. It no longer shows up on my multiplayer screen. Is there any way back in? (It was a public game.)


The short answer is: yes, if you can find the game again and if no one else has taken your spot already. If you can’t find it in your browser history, maybe you can remember some of the other players? You can mention them here in the forums as @name and they’ll be notified (and there’s an autocomplete so hopefully all you have to remember is the first letter or two of their name). If you can get ahold of them, they can send you the link to the game.

Was it any of these games

Oh, wow. Ty DrBwaa and Jay. I’m back in =)

But it was a surreal, out-of-body experience: I was telling myself, what are you doing? Don’t do that… click…click