Letting new premium players create games


As you can see in the picture below, this player holds a premium.

You can clearly see the player is new, and be mindful of the achievements he’s obtained.

This player has created two games, according to the achievements(he might have made more), and has played with another alternate account of his and won both of them. As the the renown and rank he has obtained is 4, I think they were 2-player games. Now, this player is clearly cheating.

So I’m leaving this to the developer’s to do something about this. I’m just suggesting that new premium players should not be allowed to create games for example, for some time or till they have a some proper rank and renown.

The game I and him are currently on: https://triton.ironhelmet.com/game/6349370598359040
Game name : Fast Turn Based + Many Players
The cheating player is Cyan Hexagon.


There is nothing wrong with creating some 2 player games and winning them.

Please don’t throw accusations of cheating around because they can be quite insulting when directed at players playing who are playing fairly.

I appreciate Asus’s support of the game in buying premium.


Here is a three player game.



i paid for life time so i could play games with my friends, that would defeat the point of buying premium if you lose half of the benefits?


how is playing two player games cheating? how do you know he was playing against an alternate account of his?

throwing wild accusations around and accusing people of cheating when you have absolutely no proof is very bad sportsmanship and, in its own way, cheating… did he attack you or betray you somewhere or something?