LF 2 people to to Purchase Lifetime key 3 pack


So if we buy 3 Lifetime keys we get it for the price of 2, That’s basically $33 each and you get 96 coins which is about a $9 value…

So if anyone wants to do it let me know and Ill buy the pack and send you the key. You’ll just need to send me your share via paypal.

Edit: shoot me an email at rhodawg@hotmail.com and post here if you are interested.


Funny you should mention this idea… I have 1 lifetime key that has not been redeemed from when Dex and I went in on a three pack. If you would like to try and work something out like Google Wallet or such let me know; of course I’ll also need to run it by Dex.


Did you run it by dex? I didn’t really get anyone one that wanted to go in on it


Yeah. I have no problem with that. It is really Eshal’s key.