Limited Google Chrome highlight text for copy

I had a chat from Neptune's Pride

One player was able to copy event log text fine from his Mac, but my ggl chrome did not allow it.

From testing NP2 across platforms,
Text hightlight for copy works well for IE 11.

Text hightlight for copy fails using google chrome where active high level tabs are involved.

IE 11 highlights in white background with blue text.
ggl chrome highlight did not allow copy command. It only shows the top message clicked with a green background.

Now I open the message chain.
I mouse click the same highlight from from that from both browsers.

IE 11 highlights in white background with blue text.

ggl chrome highlights in blue with white text.

The ggl higlight will not reach above the subject line.

IE 11 allows much more highlighted for copy command:
Credits remaining , ticks before next production,
Diplomacy title, Back button, from me to you and the date.

Can the google chrome copy highlight option get expanded to match IE11 and (I assume) Mac ?

My friend on the mac was using a firefox browser.

In my HTML framework you have to explicitly callout the text you want to be selectable. IE ignores these rules.

This is to prevent those weird situation in the browser where you accidentally select things that makes no sense.

I try and turn this on for blocks of text.