Limited real-time option


I’ve been enjoying playing Triton, but I don’t think I’m going to be able to keep it up - it just demands too much time, and I don’t really see how you can even sleep if you want to the big games. I was wondering about a possible alternative mode that removes most of the benefit from obsessively monitoring the game all day.

Basically, you could only perform actions during X ticks per day. 2 might be a good default. You can pick what those ticks are, but if you try to carry out actions during a third tick, you get a message telling you to wait.

So you might carry out some actions at 8am, then at 6pm, but you can’t do anything until at least 8am tomorrow. Perhaps tomorrow you do something at 10am, then you do something else at 12pm…now you can’t do anything until 12pm the next day.

There’d be less benefit in obsessively monitoring the game, I think, especially after your actions were exhausted. There might be some weird meta-game thing where you try and guess whether other players are “locked out” and take advantage…that wouldn’t be so good.

Or perhaps there’s some kind of tax on excessive actions.

(Personally, I’m not really enjoying the turn-based format much. It really distorts things, and removes the elegance of the constant motion format…)


The interesting thing about this is that you could make a decoy, like attacking one star to force the enemy to spend his move, but at the same time setting a second, real, attack to happen some time later which the enemy couldn’t respond in time.

But I don’t know if this would really reduce the advantage of people who can monitor the game every hour. They would probably continue to do so, but wait as much as possible to do their actions.

Try to look at the turn-based games with different eyes: I find really interesting how it completely changes the tactics you have to adopt. It is much more difficult to plan your defenses, and stealth attacks (when the time needed to go from one star to another is lower than the time-jump of the turn) are pure delight to do :wink:


I have to agree with Arth… give turn based another go, you’ll get used to it soon and it really takes the stress out of NP! I’m playing my first RT game in months, and I did actually lose sleep a couple of nights ago (sad I know). This doesn’t happen in turn based. You just need to find the turn time and jump times ratios that suit you.


You don’t have to lose sleep to play big games. I won a 64p game once during the school year, checking about twice a day.


Yeah, I’m not doubting it’s a good game - and I’m currently playing one. It’s just not the same game. And in fact I’ve just done one of these “stealth attacks”…and now have to guess whether to send reinforcements against a counter-attack.

It’s more like chess. Nothing wrong with chess, I just don’t really want to play it. :slight_smile: