Limiting tech

When you create a game can you set a maximum tech limit ie everyone starts at wep 1 but its capped at level 10. If you can’t then this would be a nice feature.

It is not something that you can do at this time, but would be an interesting addition. A reason you might not want to do this is that if all tech was capped, at relatively low levels, it would make science a poor investment choice. I’ve played games that have had science in the 400s, and Tech reaching into the 100s.

If you capped everything at 10, then while the game would start really slow, you would be foolish to invest in more than a little science. Simply research Experimentation to it’s max, and let it do all the work for you. Trade what you need to max out faster.

It would just give you lots of cool options like capping scanning, so you have a semi dark game where you can see who owns what stars but not whats on them. Or capping tere to make infrastructure more expensive in the late game.

I like the Terra idea better than the scanning. I think it would take trial and error to determine what caps would be good, and which would really harm gameplay. Maybe always leave one or two uncapped, so that you have somewhere to dump research after you max out the others.

Well you would just have to play with it and find what settings worked best and gave the most extra interest to the game. There is probably a fun evening of graph drawing in the future for me :slight_smile: