Little Wizard Nerf


Not sure if Penny suggested it yet, but we are considering making the little wizard discard a random card from your hand every time he fires his power.



Something along these lines feels justified to me. I’ve never been a huge fan of that ability in general, though: it’s very meta in a kind of distracting way, and it’s got the unique property of being the only (potentially) pay-to-win card in the game, since you can buff him as much as you want by buying cards with hero coins.

I think this change would be interesting and definitely a step in the right direction. Honestly I only worry it isn’t far enough. The real power of these guys is when you have basically your whole deck in hand, so one random discard is pretty meaningless. Maybe something like the High Elf and Blind Justice, where you lose ~10% of your hand at random?


I’d prefer something with a little more control than a random card, especially with the recent changes to space out your card placement and focus on strategic placement (which I still think is a good thing btw!). I think the idea of increasing the use cost of the card is still warranted though. It’d be pretty awesome if you could choose which card to drop and if the quality or power of the discarded card increased the power of the attack in some way (discarding a rare is more powerful than a common etc). Either way choosing which card to drop is a lot more appealing to me.


Little Wizard usage isn’t about the value of the cards in hand, it’s about the cards themselves (not what is on the card). Many Little Wizard users are already going to have a huge hand of cards they are only vaguely aware of… so losing one of those isn’t a big deal. Now, maybe losing HALF might be a big enough detriment.

Move the Little Wizard to damage based on population or cards on the field or, better yet, POW X gold. Keeping it based on cards in hand is problematic.


I think that the only way for the LW to not be potentially pay-to-win is to move away from basing off the number of cards in hand. So, we are thinking probably number of Heroes in X leagues. This still ties into the Goblin’s card manipulating mechanics and also to the Goblin zombie boss powers.


I think this would be a fine solution as well (though it would limit the usefulness of cards like the Spider Rider even further). I feel like @Praetorian has already said everything else I have to say about the LW for now.


When you say “discard” does that mean return to the deck? Or does the card permanently disappear from play? If the latter, well, that’d certainly make using him tougher!

Little Wizard needs a nerf. They are all I use when I play as goblins. Once you are getting enough valor, it is trivial to spend your way into absurd damage.

I also don’t think the goblins “deck manipulation” mechanics are working as intended in general.

The goblin card that lets you draw more cards. I can either spend mana, or I can spend valor, to draw more cards. I’ve found that I tend to draw more with valor than the goblin’s rogue card, because I can draw many cards at once with valor.

Spider Rider, has anyone found a good use for this card yet? Possibly transferring units from one end of a map to another, to defend multiple fronts? But you need to spend gold to play those units again, so why would a player not just play other cards and have two armies, rather than one? The only use I find for Spider Rider is to buff little wizards further after you’ve already drawn out your full deck. I saw an example of using dealers and spider riders to get infinite gold, but of course now that can’t be done effectively with the new deployment rules.


Is there a way to base it off the number of goblins in X leagues? Basing the POW of the attack not just on heroes but a true headcount would add utility to the few (and relatively marginal) unit cards the gobbos have (Savages and Bows).

Give me a reason to be excited about Goblin Savages!


I agree that he can essentially be pay-to-win. However, I still think goblins overall are underpowered as a race, so I hate to see one of their better cards take a hit.

Number of heroes seems good. I also like the idea of goblins bouncing cards being a thing. Maybe it’s a relatively powerful attack, but one of those units within range also get’s pushed back to the players hand?


This is what he’s looking like. He’ll probably need some tuning. See how he goes.


just 10x?

That means even with 5 heroes in play, he’s still side-by-side worse than a dark witch. At least she regains mana and hits ALL units.

Even at 50 str a hero, he’s still only getting what his original attack was before the nerf (again assuming 5 heroes are within 3 leagues, which is now harder due to new rules)

My other problem with “heroes in play” is that it feels like what we call a “win more” condition.

Basically if I have a TON of heroes within 3 leagues (10+ even at 50 str is only a 500 attack) do I REALLY need the wizard at that point? Chances are I’ve got so much stuff already going on I’ve already got an advantage and his ability can’t swing a bad situation to a good one as effectively as say, a High Elf or a Blind Justice can by saving up tons of resources.

Make it scale based on gold! With a longer cool down and higher mana cost it could get balanced pretty easy…


I agree that it seems very weak right now. In the game we’re playing there is a Little Wizard in a fortified position with two players’ large armies and there are still only nine heroes in three leagues which makes for a very unimpressive 90 Strength attack. I would think that it would be 50 * X, so you would get a powerful but not crazy 450 strength ranged attack in this situation and could probably get it higher with optimizing for this strategy but not to insane levels with the deployment restrictions.

Another option you could have is for the strength to be based on the total number of heroes on the board. I think 5 * X would be about right here.

You could also go with the power equal to gold idea, which I don’t think is bad, maybe with the same 20% cost that Blind Justice and High Elf have. Or maybe something based on bouncing cards, like return any number of your cards on the board to your hand for a ranged attack equal to their gold cost. Maybe subject to abuse with Dealer but the deployment restrictions should minimize that.

I want it to be a unit that isn’t overpowered from the beginning like now but still something that you can get excited about and create interesting and powerful synergies with.


Considering the short range oif the attack (one league), this makes sense to me.


indeed. Even a 450 strength attack really doesn’t seem so bad when compared High Elf and Blind Justice in the late game. They get comparable attacks with significantly longer range.