Live Long and Prosper

Live Long and Prosper

24 Player

Galaxy Type Custom

Star Scatter Twin Rings (Symmetrical)

Custom Seed

[[37, 6], [47,6], [13,8], [36,16], [48,14], [19,16], [8,19],
[48,23], [25,25], [13,27], [34,25], [32,34], [49,34], [17,35], [72,39], [62,41],
[19,43], [52,45], [65,48], [20,51], [55,56], [22,57], [47,65], [25,66]]

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Should we make this one the official tribute?

That ap is awesome. :slight_smile:

yeah. remember watching star trek when I was a kid. Before reruns and syndication. with a last name of “Kirk” it’s kind of hard not being a Trekkie. I’ve seen other favorite actors die over the years but none have hit me as hard as this one. I feel as if a piece of my childhood was lost.

That is awesome Ace!

He’s really not dead, as long as we remember him. (YouTube)

Is his Katra hiding within someone somewhere on that map ?

With the large jump gaps on that map, you might need 66% victory ?

Please make the game. I want to be part of this tribute.


I too am old enough to have the same experience

Very cool setup Golden_Ace … I’m in if you do a turn-based version.

Ditto… I’d love to play if it was turn based. My life won’t allow it otherwise.

guys have the code so if you wish to do a turn based feel free.

Burial in space. Torpedo launched.

RIP Leonard Nimoy.