Long Game!


Hey guys! Join the the Peloponnesian war! A huge game with 32 stars per player! No starting eco or indy. Cheap tech trades so make sure you make friends :smile:


Thanks, Meow


Sounds like a very slow start. I am in!


I like the idea of slow start but recently played a game with 0 starting industry and found it was very unfair on people who were not awake at the time of the tick when the first ship is built.


Go on then, not tried a large game yet


@LDG I tried to counter that by making the starting locations far so that if you miss a few ticks won’t mean that you have a massive disadvantage.
@SilentNSly Thanks! Look forward to playing with you.
@PandaBear I love large games. It forces people to work together to take down strong opponents.


Only a few more spots left!!! Lets get those filled and get this game started!!! :smiley:

Good luck!