Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair! - RPG players needed!


Who wants a NP2 game filled with roleplay?

Great, a few rules I’d like to impose, if they suit you great, join up, if not, then maybe this game isn’t for you.

1/ Roleplay (all the time).
2/ Please don’t AFK,
3/ Pretty please?
4/ With a cherry on top?
5/ Or quit just because you’re losing. Man up. Or woman up. Or gender neutral up. Or Alien up. Whatever you are, up. Help take down someone else, you never know.
6/ Please don’t make deals such that you’re agreeing that someone else can win. Not unless they’re paying you off very handsomely and it fits with the roleplay.
7/ Not really a rule, but neither were some of the others, and I figured I’d hide the password here. “RPG”.
8/ Be excellent.
9/ Think about the next month, are you sure you’re not going to AFK except in exceptional unforeseen circumstances? Sure? Really sure? Ok, I believe you, come on in and bask in the warm nurturing glow of Neptune’s Pride, but remember, attack me and I’ll smash your alien face into that warm glow until not even your own mother would recognise you. You do have a mother right? You never know with aliens, some wierd things out there, let me tell you.

I’m not really bothered what empire you bring to the table, if we end up with the Sith taking on the might of the My Little Pony and Carebear Alliance then so be it, I’ll enjoy watching the Sith get trampled.

That is all, good luck.



Joined, and you might want to join yourself, I don’t think the game can start without you…

And the rule about making victory agreements kinda puts a cramp in alliance-creation.


Cool, 2 down 8 to go. I was going to join last. Like you say the game can’t start without me and that way I have a bit of control over when it starts and can put a message here saying it will start at such and such a time. That way no one is immediately screwed over by not realising it’s started until they’re already behind.

The alliance/victory thing is a tough one. I’m all for alliances, but when first and, say, second team up and second has no intention of betraying first there’s no real point in continuing the game.

I’m open to discussing that, better a game than no game.