Looking for Ideas - Strategic Map Layers


I recently came back to this game after a long hiatus and am working on resurrecting some of my old userscripts. I am particularly interested in working on the layers module. I need help coming up with useful layers and testing preliminary versions.

Current work in progress:

#1 - Voronoi stars and empires (two layers)

#2 - Transport links

#3 - Voronoi empires only

#4 - Scanning borders

#5 - Mix of layers

#5 - Clustering metric

Some of these won’t be released because of big optimisation problems. Others are of dubious usage. That second last one for example is fleet halos with centre of mass icons for industry, ships and carriers (which sounds more useful than it ever is). The last one is an indication of clustering, this is probably useful but currently not very well visualised.

If you’ve got any ideas make a post below and let me know. Extra kudos if you make a paint mockup :wink:


the scanning one is excellent.


4 - Scanning borders is great with the following…
Ability to selectively combine 2 or more empires when looking at potential alliances.
Scan range of the empire matches its tech level
Option to overlay hyperspace range as well with fainter flight time circles denoting an hours flight - might need to make this configurable depending on the games settings

2 - Transport links
Given a series of selected planets could you calculate fastest flight time using the current hyperspace range?


I’m curious about the Voronoi layer, I assume the API doesn’t allow that to function in Dark games where you don’t have the Scanning to see your neighbours? Could be a little broken otherwise.

Also, any chance you could make your Scanning one public?


I do not see a good enough reason to implement alliance highlighting. If people provide evidence this would be valuable I would review this.

[quote]2 - Transport linksGiven a series of selected planets could you calculate fastest flight time using the current hyperspace range?

This is possible but outside the purpose of the project.

Probably. However it will look worse than the original version above (just simple rings). The current version takes an unacceptably long time to render.


As a minor update I am working on updating the existing code so it works with the latest Greasemonkey version. There have been multiple security fixes since the original post here which changed how window code calls extension code.

Empire borders and home system indicators

Sector Borders

Sectors are assigned based on distance to original home star. Useful on large maps when you want to upgrade stars based on where they are.

Range indicators

Still very slow.

1 turn jumps

Useful in turn based games to know at a glance which stars are within 1-turn jump distance.

Edit: Travel time from home star