Looking for my friend


Hello everyone. I’m playing a game where one of my allies, a really good and creative role-play gamer, went AFK.

I continued the role-play and keep writing him as if he is in jail, captured by robots.

It’s for now a sad history but, Pezuh, If you are there, we are going to conquer every single star looking for you…

Now, my latest three messages:

Message 1

My friend Pezuh,

There is a long time from your last message. I’m worried about your current status, seems like you empire is in stagnation.

Are you still in charge of the armies of your great empire? Still here you can listen in the ship hall, from time to time some sailor telling legends from your past heroic deeds.

The entire galaxy is in a deadlock because almost half of it is managed by the devil robots, controlled by an AI programmed to exterminate every form of life.

I’m looking for your news, any help you need, don’t hesitate to ask.


Zoquete, captain of the IV army of the Zoquetony Star Confederation

Message 2


Unfortunately I’m not receiving answers from you. The only thing I can suppose is that you are incarcerated an the robots are going to take control.

I’m sending my armies to the frontier, in 3 hours from now will start an attack to take as many positions as I can before the AI arises as the power governing your empire, after that it may be too difficult.

If you read this, please answer so I can cancel the attack, I hope you are here and I don’t need to attack.



Message 3


Since you are in jail, captured by the cruel, cold blood, robots, lots of things happened in the galaxy.

I’m writing this message, leaving it in a virtual bottle, who knows if you will receive it. It’s sent in the old frequency spectrum out civilizations used centuries ago when first made contact. A now forgotten channel, which robots don’t know nothing about.

I need to know if you think there are some way, unlikely or not, we can get you outside that prison. I’d anything I can to take you outside. For now I occupied almost every of your old star systems, and my forces looked for hints about you everywhere, but it seems that robots always sent a carrier to another star at the same time we arrived there. It’s very probable you were inside.

Right now there are just 5 planets under those robots control, and I’ll search in each single one for you, old comrade. All of our hope is deposited in the robots from your empire don’t ally with the robots of the orange empire, that would make the search more difficult.

Spies reported the orange positioned a very strong army near one of your stars, it’s a suspicious move, I can’t do anything but think in the worse case. Their force there is greater than mine in that area.

Even if the worse happen, I will be looking for you, old friend.

Keep your hope, stay strong,

Zoquete, captain of the IV army of the Zoquetony Star Confederation


P.s.: sorry for my bad English, it’s not my native language!


Love your story :smiley:


Thanks, @saradav! :grin:

Here a new chapter of that sad story.

Message 4

My friend Pezuh,

I need to be concise because my ship is going to pass around a magnetic storm and will be there for a while. We are escaping from an ambush the AI prepared in one of your stars.

The orange robots are definitely allied to the rebel AI. They have send ships to recover one of your stars I took. It was prepared to arrive almost at the same time than my carrier.

That action may be a signal that we are in the good path. I’m so sure you were there…

As they are too strong, I’ll wait some hours for the reinforces, and the next step will be to take that entire cluster of stars. Will be a full war battle, no mercy with the robots that keep you in jail.

The revenge is near,

Zoquete, captain of the IV army of the Zoquetony Star Confederation


The no return point was reached. This is not more plausible to make my friend come back because all of his stars are now under my empire. However some suspicious movements could give some hint about his location and intention…

Message 5


I’m sure you already know each of your old star systems is now under control of my Emperor. The people there celebrated parties when the robot menace was removed and the stars where secured.

But a dark idea came to my mind after hearing what your people said when defeated the last AI bastion at Gienah.

They told me you were seen in the capitol, meeting with robots and devising some plans.

Initially I disregarded such comments, but after so many reports were received about you and robots being seen together in suspicious behaviour, I cannot anything but give some credit to it.

I resist to believe that, and will still not elevate the report to the Great Gouncil of Zoquetony. If you are there, please reply with anything to help me to keep that position.


Zoquete, captain of the IV army of the Zoquetony Star Confederation


Beats my Spanish (my second language) by a long way.:slight_smile:


Haha, I like the virtual bottle idea. They’ll probably still be using a little envelope icon for messages and have no idea what an envelope is too.


You’re right! Like the common phone icon, still resembling a rotary dial phone. Maybe in 500 years that envelope icon would be like a hieroglyphic, or like these Chinese ideograms that started as representation of real things and now are just scrawls (in the sense that doesn’t look like anything without an extreme imagination).


Didn’t realise that. The Wikipedia page has how the character for elephant evolved, awesome. Used to look like an elephant, now looks nothing like an elephant.