Loop Customizability

I’d like to be able to set loops of carriers that can pick up all of the ships on a planet, and then drop off a 1/3 of the ships being carried there, is this possible, or is it asking too much of the game?

You can’t do this with the game’s UI. You could calculate how many you expect to have by the time dropoff happens and do that, or I could make Neptune’s Pride Agent do that calculation for you, but if anything changes while you fly your loop you’ll get the precomputed number which might be wrong in either direction depending on what changed.


Can’t you inject a check into ship arrival routine, and calculate percentage there?
I also would love to have an ability to drop off half of carried ships on one planet, and half on another.

Currently NPA doesn’t have any ability to schedule actions into the future. I’m debating implementing something like that but it would be a lot of work/complexity.