Lord of Greed a little bit too insane?


Wow…just…wow, reduce everyones gold to 0 when spawned and on auto-cast every 12 hours and only worth 1 valour. That seems just a little bit too insane, sure he is weak but the time it takes to get to him if you play on iron crown could be anywhere from 1-2 days depending on how the immortals have moved and assuming he stays put, unless you have something insanely fast and even then you would have to fight whatever is with him.

Maybe stop all gold production in towns within a certain range of him would be a little bit fairer, but a global ability that basically stops anyone from getting gold (since people won’t always be online right as they get gold to be able to spend the gold they make while his ability is on cooldown) except through the use of hero cards and valour


Yeah, might be overpowered for sure.

When doing the first pass I like to lean towards overpowered, then pull back a little after some playtesting. They are supposed to be “oh crap” moments where everybody just needs to pull together to get the problem solved!

The are supposed to be a spike of difficulty I guess.


Understandable, the problem is when it happens early in the game when you’ve only just started fighting the zombies, or if someone leaves / stops playing the game and it spawns over their side of the map that could be a potential problem though thats more the fault of the leavers.

Biggest problem is that alot of the time on iron crown 2-3 of the mana pools tend to get taken early simply due to their position and not being able to get there in time, which really sucks if it was a goblin taking it and you have a 50/50 chance of getting something that will pretty much stop all gold production, the Lord of Souls really hurts the goblins and elves to a extent if it spawns early as well.

I do agree with your approach though, making it overpowered at first the tweaking it down is better than making it a pushover then tweaking it up. It’ll be interesting to see what the other bosses are like and what they will be like later down the line, Love the little descriptions of the bosses as well :smiley:


My wife Penny did the descriptions. She is a game designer and worked on some Total War and Bioshock!

I plan to make a new version of Iron Crown after lunch. I don’t like the zombie spawning in the middle. I think instead I’ll put some zombies in-between each of the players starting areas. I might leave some in the middle too.

Perhaps I should put a check in to make sure there are no mana wells with 24 hours march of a zombie spawn or something like that.

My thinking with that guy was that you would still get the money, you just can’t save it, you have to spend it every 12 hours or lose it.