[Lore] Do all the games happen in the same fictional universe?

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Blight is an interesting setting, deffo since you could link it with Buccaneers Bounty and Boom, and I feel such a setting should deserve a narrative flair.

Which makes me think of something: You cannot play NP as a human. So it’s conceivable for all the games to be happening in the same universe.

On our fictional Earth we have elves, humans, etc battling undead on the main continent. BBB is set on some islands. NP is set elsewhere in the galaxy.

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Well you could argue Alundria is the main continent where Blight takes place while Buccaneers, Bounty and Boom could be on the more far away isles. It’s just speculation mind you because of two things. One, the main characters are goblins which also show up in Blight and I believe Jay and Penny talked of adding dwarven ships in BBB akin to the Spanish gold ships we could attack later.

I admit I haven’t played much of NP but since it’ setting is so far removed from fantasy you could have it either way.

However it’s up to Jay and Penny to decide if lore wise all of these take place in the same universe or not.

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Jupiter’s Folly technically fits too.

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Coming soon. Blight in Space!


Mercury’s Lust.

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Special NP game mode. Players are forced allies.

1 enemy empire, The Blight, with multiple start locations. When the Blight wins battles they convert killed ships into Blighted ones.

When The Blight takes a star all science, economy and resource value is destroyed and converted to industry. Weapons is locked. The Blight gains 1 Manu level per cycle. Taking a Blighted star destroys the industry.

Games last until all players are dead or 16 cycles.

There is no winner but three player awards:

  • Most stars at the end/last man standing
  • Most ships destroyed
  • Most industry destroyed

Now I want space dwarves and orcs…images (2)

Anywho it could be an interesting game mode.

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I’m okay with cross referencing your own games like that! Hell put dwarf, orc, elf and human avatar portraits in there and bam, got some cool space fantasy stuff there like Warhammer 40K.