Lore suggestions?

Hey everyone!

I dunno about you guys but I LOVE the flavour texts you get with some cards and I do dig the trailers and synopsis and prologues for each map.
I was wondering since this game is in development that we could maybe suggest a few lore bits?

I am a huge fan of lore. A bit ago, Jay posted a little prologue about the first necromancer. I thought it was pretty cool. I know that it can be distracting or just alot to put lore with every card given some pretty wordy abilities…


I think that if we had a glossary of card types and a description with tips and tricks to using the card for different scenarios, a nice little lore description could also be given. Like why does the elder shaman burn all of his people? Maybe his magic is a dangerous and feared magic that only the oldest of the orc shamans still remember. Maybe only they remember how bad the blights of decades past had been, and that is why they chose to still hold on to the idea of such drastic measures, even if now considered taboo among the new chieftains of the clans.

etc etc. But I think that giving cards their own little bio page would be sweet. The tips for how to use them and such might be in an effort to further help people grasp the delicate strategy of using your hound master to send that 50k stack of giants over to kill your orc allies (or maybe give them that heads up, so they might not do that ever).

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@IHG-BlightedPea is responsible for writing all the lore in the game. I’m sure she would love to read your suggestions.

I like a lore description for every card would be very cool!

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Suggestion so far, be sure to write yours down if you are interested :slight_smile:
Three guesses what my favourite race is in this game :wink:


“According to ancient legends, some dwarves abandoned the ways of the mountain and settled in the forests down below. Under the shade of the trees, the Gnomes have grown shorter than their cousins in the mountains but have grown faster and know the woods like the back of their hand. Both the dwarves and the gnomes don’t see eye to eye often, the latter seeing to much elf in their forest dwelling cousins, but when news of the Blight came the gnomes answered the call and flocked to any dwarven stronghold or Gryphon banner to fight for the living.”


“Dwarven ingenuity lead to the creation of gunpowder based weaponry. The Artillery guns have defended dwarven strongholds for hundreds of years from goblins, orcs and dragons. Now with the coming of the Blight, dwarven shells are prepared to decimate any foolish zombie horde who wanders to close by.”


“Dwarven ingenuity lead to the creation of gunpowder base weaponry. Much like the Artillery guns, but on a smaller scale, the blunderbuss has defended dwarven strongholds against orc, goblin and troll raids for centuries. Now with the coming of the Blight, dwarven riflemen are ready to aim their guns at the oncoming zombie hordes who dare to consume their home.”
“This…is my Blunderbuss. There are many like it but this one is mine.” - Private Stonefist just before the battle of Gulls Stone.

Wing Warriors

“There is a powerful connection between the gryphon roosts and the dwarven people. Having lived together for generations allowed the children of stone to tame and befriend the winged lions of the cold and windy peaks, much like how wolves bounded with humans or orcs. Some dwarves have observed the gryphons and created a fighting style which was inspired by the majestic beasts flight. Seeing a gryphon soar in the sky inspires these Wing Warriors to fight that much harder.”

Stout General

“Veterans of hundreds of battles both above and below ground, dwarven generals will lead their men towards battle with grim determination.”
No dwarf ever won a war by dying for his thaig. He won it by making some other poor dumb bastard die for theirs.” -General Hadgar Dainson before the battle of Stoney Sept, 2nd Troll Wars.

Master Foreman

“Dwarven architecture demands a lot of gold and gems, which are plentiful in the mountains that the children of the stone call home. Earthquakes, goblins and pitfalls however make mining a dangerous occupation. Foremen lead miners down the deep, dark tunnels of the mountains to bring back the streams of much needed gold for a thaig to survive. In this risky business, bounds are made and often a Foreman is like a father to his crew of miners. Now with the Blight at their door, the dwarves need the Foremen even more now than ever to keep the gold going for the war effort.
The Blight zombies are not like your average tribe of goblins but the Foremen will lead their boys into battle if needed.”

Mountain King

Whenever a king dies, his heir must vast for three days and nights while meditating near his predecessor body. At the end of those three days the heir must open the book of old grudges and read the first sentence he flips open on a random. Whatever verse he lands on will be the way how he leads the children of stone, although many pages were added to the book when the curse of the Blight turned many of their kin into the undead.
These kings under the mountain have led their people for many years and know each mountain passage of their kingdom like the back of their hand and will guide their armies safely through them in defence of their mountain homes against the Blight.

Gryphon Standard

Dwarves revere the gryphon ever since the first time the children of the stone popped their heads out of their caves. Seeing the majestic gryphon soar inspired the dwarves to reach out and fly towards their ambitions but be prepared to fight for that with their talons. As such the children of the stone have adopted the gryphon on their warbanners when they march to war.
Gryphon feather’s are weaved together with goat hide to imbue the banners with a mystical glow which makes them easier for dwarves to spot from a distance.


Outcast Warchief

“When the Blight comes, all orcs must answer the call to arms…even those who are exiled.
Several clans were deemed to dangerous or strange to the others, hence they become outcast. Maybe because they are cannibals, to friendly with the other races or because they smell. Either way the warchiefs of these exiled clans lead their people to the forests or the swamps, outside of the orcish deserts.
There they remained until the call against the Blight came. Now these Outcast Warchiefs lead their people against the Blight, bringing with them experience of fighting in un-orcy territory.”


Pigs are the mainstream diet for a Orcish Horde, butchers are thus essential to feed the bellies of the Horde.
“Us orcs love to eat a pork!” -Gorvar, a butcher of the Beastmaw Clan.

Desert Maiden

Desert Maidens have lived in the desert all their lives. They know how to set up a trap in the dune, where to find water, shade, combat renegade orc clans, raid human caravans and when to march. Their skills in tracking and their battle hardened blades are essential in the coming war against the Blight.

Vicious Sergeant

Life in a desert burns the weak away and the strong remain. As such orc culture reflects that attitude in all aspects of their life, including warfare. Sergeants are veterans of countless raids and are harsh on both their enemies as well as their own men. Although they do not show it, they care about their men and make sure to lead them safely through deserts to get back to the clan.
"All right you bunch of gobbos, what are you waiting for? Breakfast in bed? Another glorious day in the Horde! A day in the Orcish Horde is like a day on the farm. Every meal’s a banquet! Every piece of plunder a fortune! Every formation a parade! I love the Horde! " - Unknown Sergeant in Warchief Torakk Bloodrain’s Horde during the First Troll Wars.

Dragon Banner

The dragon embodies everything a orc admires. Strength, heat and ferociousness. As such they have adopted the dragon on their banner to make their enemies quake in fear at the sight of their Hordes.
Dragon banners have dragon scales weaved into them so to give them a magical glow that allows any orc to see a passing Horde army and join them into battle.


Cowardly Noble

“Nobles are part of the upper classes of human society. In their villa’s and estates where they house grand parties, they influence the court and decide the lives of all those in the kingdom. Prone to backstabbing and ambition, their skills have proven to be quite useful against the Blight. Although they prefer to let others do the fighting for them, they let their gold coffers speak for them when they hear of the valour tales from the battlefield.”
"He who wishes to be obeyed must know how to command." Lord Nicohlas Machianos.

Mighty General

“Veterans of hundreds of battles against orc, troll and goblin, the mighty generals now lead the human forces against the forces of the Blight.”
In war, events of importance are the result of trivial causes.”- Lord General Darren Verelden, High Commander during the 2nd Troll Wars.


“No-one knows where the Enchantresses come from. Some claim they came from the dark forests, others from the moon, most claim they were send by god to help mankind against the Blight. Most are not very talkative and those who do are a consider themselves superior. Whatever the cause, their magicks allow them to weaken the zombies which makes them very brittle to steel.”

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The Elder Shaman

I walk among my kin, back hunched with the weight of burdens both real and imagined. They call me elder, but it is not a term of respect. They would drive me into the swamps and forests like the other clans, were it not for the dirges they have heard out on the far dune. The blight has finally come to their minds. No more war songs for the sake of pomp. Once the bodies start to pile up, they look to those who remember. They look at me with loathing, for they all pretend that failure in battle and kin-slaying is not our way. Let them march to glory and death. I will prepare the flames for the night that none of them return, and the dirges in their hollow lungs ring out across the dune.

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Oh, I like this one…small short story worth of stuff. Shows you how the card has some cool backstory.

Added one more for the mountain king.

Added some more.
If anyone has ideas for some elven units or trolls or gobbos, post away!

Thanks for these @Gorvar, and @Diaphanous! I haven’t had a chance to read them all yet, but they are looking good!

Maybe we can set up a wiki (like the FAQ) and pin it for new visitors to see. We can add in some card images etc too. We’d love to see any creative descriptions and fiction that people want to write!

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Thanks man! Yeah that would be a awesome idea!

We moved over here guys! :smiley:

I’ve got to watch that movie again soon.

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