Madness. (1 star per player)


Yea, should have said 4.25LY between stars (with 4 Ticks/Jump) … and yea, there are some serious “wormholes” in the current map, so you want to stay away from distances very close to multiples of 1/3LY.


4.5 LY might work also. 1/2 LY does not conflict with Scan range boundaries, nor Hyperspace range boundaries, nor carrier flight time boundaries. 4.5 LY is also less mysterious for players than 4.25 LY, since the ruler measurements are rounded to one decimal place, not two decimal places.


Madness should wrap up shortly - will post a final animation of the map … pretty wild looking.

Everyone knows how it is a challenge to get two players to work together … and 3-way partnership is really tough - very impressive how Golden Ace, Katrine, and Sekoms worked together.

But somehow we just got FIVE players (myself, Rektal, Tinker, Dibble, and Londane) working together against them in a HUGE simultaneous real-time move … was frickin’ awesome and the highlight of the game! :wink:

Londane took a defensive hit for the team, I finished Scan barely in time to pass to Dibble who then passed me Weapons which I then passed back to the rest of the team … who all had attacks in progress. None of us know each other in RL (and I think I’ve only played with one of these guys before a long time ago) and it was a huge leap of trust for it to somehow come together and not backstab the other player … especially in this crazy Russian Roulette game.

Major props for Rektal, Tinker, Dibble, and Londane.


It’s over - thanks Ross for setting up and everyone for playing - this game truly was Madness!

Final Screenshot below (I criss-crossed a buncha carriers) and the image after that is an animation of how the game unfold - click on either one to see larger.

Animation Map


Premium Player Wizard has a badge that looks like a Wizard’s hat ? What is that ?
I can not find any explanation in the Help Codex.

Oh ! That is @Qwerty .


Any chance of a turn-based Madness game?

As noted above, I think the map needs to have the distances adjusted a bit.


Waiting for this too!


I’ll be happy to play this again.




With a little more Industry this time Ross?!? :wink: :wink:


I need to set this up right?

Should we do less than 32 players this time?


My strategy was perfect. Maybe 24 players?

Custom Galaxy Maps Designs Three Neighbors no corners

suggest trying this custom hex grid ? for 24 players.


Each home star always has exactly three neighbors 12.5 LY apart.

Hopefully that extra half light year does not get confused at scan boundaries and hyperspace range boundaries.
And there also should be no confusion with carrier flight times.

Could also be recalculated to scale down to 4.5 LY apart.




I think you want to do 4.5 LY … because then the stars are reachable with “reasonable” HR … if they are 12.5 LY, then it would take forever for battle to begin.


Thnaks @xjhdexter I will use the smaller one.

I will try and set it up later this week. I have a few deadlines I’m trying to hit here on Blight.


any news on testing yet?


Can you make this not premium-only this time? I want to try this :slight_smile:


@Rosslessness Blight testing, a few months away I think.


HEY … any progress on setting this up as talked about above?