Make a timelapse of your game [DEAD]

NPTimelapse is on hiatus until further notice.

I have just finished version 1.1 of a webpage that can record your NP game and render a timelapse of it. It works for most game types, though it doesn’t handle customizable colors of Proteus or irregular ticks of turn-based games.

You just need to give it a game number and an API key and it will start recording. Come, test it and share any feedback or bugs in this topic. If you have any questions regarding how the site works make sure to check out included help page.

In the future I’m planning on adding timelapse options like:

  • better options for drawing stars
  • drawing straight borders
  • more efficient timelapse generation
  • better colors (feedback pls)
  • a desktop client (???)

I appreciate any feedback on the site and these ideas.


where can i find game #

If you look at the game URL it should look like this:
Where Xs are a 16-digit number. This is your game number.

Make sure to check out on-site help page.

Update 1.1 is here!
New features:

  • Timelapse options: show stars on map, show area borders and adjust pixelation of the timelapse.
  • API: perform a GET request on /api/game/<int:game_id> to get a JSON with all data saved for this game (except from the NP API key of course)

I will also edit the original post to reflect this.

it seems the link has been discontinued?