Manual-only and Star-Group Upgrade options


I was thinking it would be great to have an option for each star to set it to “Manual Upgrades Only” or the like. Basically if you turned the option on, the star would not be able to be upgraded through Bulk Infrastructure Upgrades, Quick Upgrade, or the Galaxy window, it could only be upgraded from the star’s own info window. Perhaps the option could be enabled/disabled through the Quick Upgrade and Galaxy windows as well as from the star’s info window. It might be nice for some kind of visual representation of this on the star when those tools are in use, for example a red “X” through the star to show that it is not included during a Bulk Infrastructure upgrade.

Additionally, a tool to select a group of stars (either by some kind of drawing selection tool or more simply with a Shift + Click to add additional stars) and then perform Bulk Infrastructure upgrade on those stars only.


Also, if both of these features were to be implemented, it would be great to select a group of stars and enable/disable the manual-only option on all those stars at once.


Have a look at @Qwerty 's extras, I think he has a tool which does the second of those requests.


Oh yes, thank you @eDave :slight_smile:

@kexsel, I couldn’t imagine upgrading my stars without it now, I am using it daily. When I am on my phone, I am not upgrading anything, always waiting to get on PC, where I can use the tool
Look here :slight_smile:


Very cool! I’ll using this as much as possible. Alas, I can’t always be at home with a computer when production time comes and I need to buy bulk economy or afterwards and need to shore up industry in specific areas. It would be nice if there was something in place built into the game so that I can use it from a phone.