Many Players Needed - Watering Hole

Game: Blight of the Immortals
Map: Watering Hole
Difficulty: Normal

Four no-shows in a six-player game is my personal record! :frowning2: The situation is getting out of hand very quickly, as large AFKs on this map typically do. No Blighted Gryphons yet, but it’ll happen soon if we don’t get some more players in here pronto.

The top priority is probably the Orc position in the southeast, as you only have one town left and if you fall, that whole desert gets blighted.

We also have a Queen of Lies and two necro-giant doomstacks I see…
Welp, lets see if we can salvage this mess!

I’ll see what I can do, no promises. Previous guy pretty much left me to hang to dry.

Yeah, two out of six players active is pretty bad even for a public game. On the other hand, starting almost four days in with a very limited deck is a unique way to make a “Normal” map challenging again :wink: