Map Creator: Take 2


So there is an older thread from last year on this topic (linked below), but is there

  1. enough interest at this point in the ability to create user maps, and/or
  2. anything in the works by the developers to make this a reality?

In the older thread one suggestion was to have a mini-editor where tiles could be re-arranged instead of placed from scratch. Maybe that could still be a quick win? I know I’d have fun creating maps!


Plus 1. I have been hoping a map making tool might be released for a while. My friends and I play the 12 player map a lot but it is becoming a bit repetitive. We would also like some 8 or 10 player maps too.


bumping this! there was another thread were Jay said the map creator he uses could be made public, except there was one small part (textures I think) which had to be uploaded manually. It didn’t sound THAT hard to fix, but then again, he probably doesn’t have much time to spare already.

My idea for this would be to only be able to play your own maps in MP games that you host, thereby making it a premium feature only. I know i would buy lifetime for that!

Although the editor might need a little cleaning-up befor being an advertisable premium feature, i wouldn’t mind a messy quick fix the first time around.