Map creator?

Would love more multiplayer maps.

Any thoughts or plans on making a public map creating tool? You could allow premium members to create their own maps and make them public/private.

Public maps could them have the community rate them.

Obviously a user created map would not reward gold, or give any ‘found-heroes’/cards. (Limits any chance for exploitation)

Ok… now that I’ve typed it out… OMG I want it!

I think @IHG-BlightedPea said she was going to make a map today. I’m not sure if it will be 4 or 6 players.

Our internal editor probably will never get release because we made the interface very quickly and you have to know all kinds of obscure keyboard shortcuts and that kind of thing. There is also a step where you have to render the map to combine the small hex tiles into bigger square textures.

What we could do though is provide a mini editor that lets you load the terrain of any other map and rearrange the position of the settlements, the players starts, and where the zombies spawn.

I think that could be cool.

Just like big triple-A titles, those map makers were never easy or user friendly.

I bet we smart types could figure it out :smile:

Could take some load off of your shoulders and provide you with limitless amounts of maps… That’s where the community ratings would be awesome, as you wouldn’t even need to look at 90% of the user maps that are created. (Probably not good enough for official release if the community doesn’t like it.)

Anyway, I’m loving the game! I’m a web-developer, an avid gamer, and board game enthusiast… So I’m living vicariously through you guys! Keep it up!


Moar 6 player maps, please! Especially with more race variety! Iron Crown is my group’s favorite because of the unique things each race brings to that scenario.

I created a 6 player map today, with Elves, Trolls, and Goblins. It should be available for testing in the next couple of days.

It’s going to be a Team map, where 2 teams of 3 players race to beat their zombies first, but to start with it will just be available for testing as a fully co-op map. It’s setup as two mirrored sides, so each team will have identical conditions.

I think that player-created content is great and I agree that we should put you guys to work so I don’t have to make all the maps! :smile: The editor will definitely need some work first though.

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4-player maps is my group’s’ sweet spot. We can’t seem to get two more consistent people that are willing to log in often enough to really assist in the battle.

Give us the editor! Let us help! (Throws money at the screen) Take it! :wink:


My group is starting to progress to the point that at 6 players, “hard” is a cakewalk. We are moving into Nightmare territory and are jonesing for more 6 player maps that highlight each of the races.

I’m trying to understand how the maps are made - are there 2 tools/parts of tools in essence

  1. make the map - position the location of towns etc
  2. compile the map where

If so what is the form of the data passed between the 2 - is it a nice text format that could be easily edited?

Bumping this thread because I’m still interested in creating new maps. I haven’t done an exhaustive search of the forum to see if there has been any update on this front, but think it would be a really cool feature to see. I wouldn’t mind if it were super ugly developer only style access, especially if no new development is being planned anyway.

Also, for reference, here’s another thread that I started on this topic back in 2017 as well.


I do have a small side project where I’m slowwwwly making progress. It won’t be possible to complete without a little support from the devs (I need an output format: presumably “a map” isn’t stored as a giant image file, but probably some kind of json object), but it is something I’m actively working on.

That would be so awesome!

As long as people like you keep bugging me about it here and/or in Discord, I’ll keep working on it. :grin: