Map Modes


Heyllo there as first :smiley:

As I just watched my map, I started asking myself - what can this player see of my empire? Or this player? So my mind continued, and it came out, that i should request a “map mode” where i can choose players (or a single player, if thats easier to script), and see what vision they have on my stars. Yes, you can do this from hand, but it’s quite much work and also a bit hard to remember all of those “visible” stars, when it comes to fronts of over 20-30 stars.

Would be glad about a answer of you jay, and also about constructive crtique by those other fellows. :smile:

Cheers, Rikkarta


Good idea ; would it also be possible to have a map of “reachable” stars in hyperspace range per player (including ourself)?


You are able to see their scanning range on map, so for small instances that should work just as well. But maybe you’re thinking of a larger area which would make using that technique more difficult.


Just as I wrote, if I want to know this from 1 Star or something, okay, but when you come to bigger borders it can get pretty difficult, without writing notes or something, also with a map mode it would be ways easier to figure strategies, using those “vision borders”, as you could directly send/loop your carriers out of their vision, wich gives a huge “bonus”.

At the moment micromanagement is rewarded by that, but I wouldnt think this micromanagement is “needed”, but well, up to Jay :wink:



Good idea. It could be a little button on a players empire screen.

I will add this to the list of new features.


Yay \o/


Someone suggested something similar before as well, kind of a border drawn between stars…