Map zooming weirdness


If I scroll the mouse wheel a lot, the map still only zooms a little bit. Also, it would be nice if zooming could (optionally?) zoom on the cursor rather than the center of the screen :slight_smile:



I find that if I am carefully slower with my mouse wheel, I can control the zoom faster.


Sort of like Google Maps ? Hopefully, Jay can create that feature.

If you go to the Leaderboard or Stars tab or Carriers tab or Ships tab, you can click on the icon eye-balls to view that empire, star, or carrier.

In 8 player games, on the empire screen, you can click on the alien headshot to zoom that empire.


Thanks for the suggestion. I would like to improve zooming one day. I remember spending a lot of time making sure pinch zooming worked well.

Mouse Wheel in really strange in browsers. Every browser is a bit different unfortunately.


Oh, another issue I was having with zooming - if I click a star/carrier name in a notification to center the map on it, it centers the viewable area of the map (not covered by sidebars) on it, but then when I go to zoom in on it, it zooms in on the center of the full map (counting the area covered by sidebars) so it’s not actually zooming on the star/carrier I clicked on…


I have noticed some zooming strangeness. It seems like the Zoom feature has some memory of a previous zoom level even after I have a more recent zoom or pan action. I work around this by hitting shortcut keys β€œZ” and again β€œZ” and β€œ+” and β€œ+” to update that memory, and continue on. This has become a habit for me. It would be nice if Jay fixed this minor bug.