"Master Builder" hero and pre-fortified cities

The “Master Builder” Dwarven hero card (http://i.imgur.com/cBRjFFd.png) states that it can grant any settlement it visits +4 Fortifications and that each settlement may only have one “Barricade”. I do not see “Barricade” referenced anywhere else in the game at this point in time (I know it is in beta).

Does this mean that a Master Builder cannot use his ability in a settlement that already has “Fortifications”, such as a Dwarven Fortress (http://i.imgur.com/z1qGPQb.png)?

To me it seems, at face value, the answer to my question is “no” (or “yes, but it would have no effect” OR “yes and it replaces the existing Fortification value”), however I want to be sure because the Master Builder card is phrased “The Master Builder may reinforce the walls of any settlement …”. Emphasis on “reinforce the walls” because the use of ‘reinforce’ tells me it improves existing walls, and not every settlement has walls. Emphasis on “any” because that tells me anywhere, not just places without pre-existing Fortifications.

How I read it is, the ability is called Barricade and it can be applied to any town. However, if you have multiple Master Builders you cannot apply the bonus multiple times to the same towns. Each town can only get the +4 bonus once.

Yes sorry. That wording might be a little clunky. The Barricade power can only be applied once to each location as @AnnanFay suggests.

Thank you both for your replies. I ended up testing it and it works as you have both indicated!

"The master builder may give any settlement an additional +4 fortifications. Each settlement may only have one Barricade.

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