Master Foreman?


The card says, “All Miners in the Army of the Master Foreman fight with +6 strength,” so is he limited in buffing Dwarven Gold and Mana Miners?

Seems pretty limited, if so.


That’s how I always interpreted it. Which is why I never ever use him, since my miners are some of the last guys i want on the frontlines. He really seems like a kind of super-emergency unit, which makes him useless or suboptimal in almost every situation.


I would like to see him raise the chances of the gold and crystal miners finding things as well as buff them. Maybe raise all the chances by 15% or something for each miner in his army. Makes sense that a foreman around might help their work ethic ;-p


This would certainly make him a more compelling card! And the miners as well!


Or…he could have his own mining ability perhaps. maybe a 50% chance of finding 200 gold and 20 mana or something


Or to provide much stronger buffs… Like twice as much?


Second on this, but we’re still assuming he only buffs Miners. I’m still waiting on confirmation of that…


Oh, didn’t realize we were waiting on confirmation. He does indeed only buff Crystal/Gold Miners (and himself).


Definitely would make the card actually playable.


Seconded on the buff, it would make him way more viable to play.


My biggest problem with the master foreman, is the fact that his buff is inferior to stout general’s buff. If he only buffs a small group of cards, then it should be superior to similar buffs.


True, though this is somewhat offset by the fact that those buffs stack. And if you need to use the Master foreman, it’s probably all hands on deck, and it would not be unreasonable to think that you already had a general.

It still makes him less useful by making him the inferior choice in some situations though, so it doesn’t exactly help…