Master of Coin / Pirate Captain fix needed

A Master of Coin should not be receiving a str buff when a rogue is deployed using the Pirate Captain’s “Recruit Misfit” ability:
Pirate Captain’s Recruit Misfit says that it “enlists a random rogue from your deck to be deployed WITHOUT PAYING THE GOLD COST” (this functions as advertised). But, Master of Coin gains +1 strength “PER 4 GOLD SPENT on deploying cards” and yet it receives a buff when using Recruit Misfit. No gold is being spent, therefore Master of Coin shouldn’t get a buff.


Interesting point! :thinking:
I actually agree with you here. While I know of this “feature”, I simply tolerate it as a “challenge” to be overcome, not that Goblins are less challenging and fun! :stuck_out_tongue:

Since you are paying mana instead of gold to deploy him, he should not buff the Master of Coin.
But he does buff the Lich King, as expected.

I really think this is a bug though, and it should be fixed, if @JayKyburz (the developer) finds time to fix it. Thanks for highlighting it though! :slightly_smiling_face:

PS: BTW, I was just going over your record, and it is promising! :stuck_out_tongue:
Want to play a game together? I could organize one maybe?

Thanks for @ing JayKyburz. I would not have thought to do that! I’m also glad I wasn’t misunderstanding something about how the cards should be interacting.

P.S. I’d love to play a game. I don’t have a huge selection of hero cards, but I make up for it in being obsessively strategic.