May/2018 1v1 EPIC Tournament - AnnanFay is the winner!


Starting a new thread from here with info/links to the round 1 EPIC games. I decided to sort the names by the THIRD letter (felt that was random enough) so here is what we ended up with.

1A: nick.muzzio vs. NUC - game link - nick.muzzio WIN
1B: Rodel vs. TheLastHero - game link - TheLastHero WIN
2A: nick.muzzio vs. TheLastHero - game link - nick.muzzio WIN

1C: Azezeal vs. HULK - game link - HULK WIN
1D: AnnanFay vs. leonardebaker - game link - AnnanFay WIN
2B: HULK vs AnnanFay - game link - AnnanFay WIN
3A: Nick.Muzzio vs. AnnanFay** - game link **- AnnanFay WIN

1E: SuperDave vs. Karmadrome - game link - SuperDave WIN
1F: MurasakiNoKaze vs. Mise333 - game link - MurasakiNoKaze WIN
2C: SuperDave vs. MurasakiNoKaze - game link - SuperDave WIN

1H: Bruce vs. Grunter - game link - Grunter WIN
2D: HOUSEBOAT_THANGS vs. Grunter - game link - Grunter WIN
3B: SuperDave vs Grunter** - game link - SuperDave WIN

**FINALS: AnnanFay vs. SuperDave - game link - AnnanFay WIN

Please be sure to join YOUR game using YOUR forum name.
Single elimination. 1A+1B=2A,1C+1D=2B,1E+1F=2C,1G+1H=2D - 2A+2B=3A,2C+2D=3B - 3A+3B=WINNER!

Please check the game params to confirm win by 66%, 1 home star at 20/20/4, $2000 cash, Experimentation and Manu are expensive to research, and Weapons is locked and starting at Level3. Let me know if there are any issues with the setup and the galaxies - some of the generated maps had big holes, so I tossed those. Yea, a bit of work setting this all up!

Against my better judgement, I allowed 48 hours to submit … this is to address the (hopefully very rare) situation where you can’t submit daily … but please try to do more frequently to keep things moving along. Since it is 1v1, there is no diplomacy (except razzing your opponent!) and with turn-based, if you are the 2nd person to submit (and advance the turn), then please try to make your subsequent move.

As the game progresses, give some though to the starting parameters and what might be changed to provide better game play. Many NP games end up just being a Weapons-Fest … obviously that won’t happen where with Weapons locked. Ideally, there should be multiple different strategies that can be used to win. And while Experimentation can help, one or two lucky EXP hits should not decide the game. The galaxy should be large enough that if you make a mistake, you have a chance to recover.

P.S. I hadn’t through about the “Tournament Competitor Badge”, but sure, I can send everyone’s name to Jay for him to consider. If your NP true alias is different than your Forum Name, then go ahead and send me a PM about it. Rodel is Asmodean13 - TheLastHero is blackbird77 - leonardebaker is SonofBlob.

June/2018 1v1 EPIC Tournament with mirrored maps - a draw
Dueling 1v1 tournament with Mirror'ed EPIC map
Dueling 1v1 tournament with Mirror'ed EPIC map

Some GREAT advice from @SuperDave … who won both of the first two 1v1 EPIC galaxies:

Look at the parameters closely. Weapons is fixed, Man & EXP are expensive. Keep those things in mind when strategizing. If you are playing an opponent equal to you, then the game is going to go 7-8 or more cycles for sure. As such, plan for the long haul in deciding your approach

Buy lots of carriers to begin the game. You have the money and you can be assured your opponent is going to figure out if he/she can make it to a planet a split moment before you. It is far easier to defend a planet in this game then take it back.

Save your money for more than just the first cycle. You will want more cash than you realize to buy industry on the edge planets of the galaxy. They are harder to defend later (as it takes awhile for a carrier to get from your core over there) so making them strong to support themselves is wise.

There is no right or wrong on the balance of how much industry vs science vs economy you buy. It’s up to you to figure out your own strategy. Obviously ship count is important, but advanced sciences will make a difference late in the game.

Think carefully before submitting. It’s too easy to submit quickly in a 1vs1 game if your opponent is doing the same too. It’s great to move the game along, but bad if you are making mistakes.

On that note, plan on making mistakes anyways. The plus is the format allows you to make up for it.


Ditto everything that @SuperDave said above … and yea, while plan carefully, don’t obsess toooo much over your move. It’s turn-based, so the permutations of if I do this, then he does this, but what if I do that, etc. are countless. Keep the game moving as best you can.

Since I can only do AT to 10 users, am using this comment to let @SuperDave - @Karmadrome - @MurasakiNoKaze - @Mise333 - @Luthias - @HOUSEBOAT_THANGS - @Bruce - @Grunter know.


@HULK , quick ! you need to EDIT those game numbers.


Ooops … good catch on the duplicate! I also fixed in the first post.

1C: @Azezeal vs. @HULK -
1D: @AnnanFay vs. @leonardebaker -

BTW, how come you aren’t playing @xjhdexter?
You’d be a fearsome foe!
Want to be the first alternate?


@HULK , quick !
these two have normal weapons.


Not yet. My mental focus is not yet reliable, but getting better. My health is improving some more, though.


I guess I shouldn’t get too attached to my game there =]

Good catch @xjhdexter =] =]


Lets get it on @HULK


@Azezeal , quick send in-game email to @HULK

Read the forum,

I said he needs to fix two more games.


Got distracted because @Azezeal already started out game (good job) but I’ll fix those game up shortly. Given how many parameters need to be adjusted and how many times you have to do (plus sometimes the galaxy is bad and has to be tossed), it’s easy to make mistakes - thanks for pointing out!

Update: OK - those two games should be fixed now for @AnnanFay vs @leonardebaker and @Luthias vs. @HOUSEBOAT_THANGS … and I just fixed my own game against @Azezeal … D’OH! :wink:


Thanks for all the effort @HULK and good game all, except @SuperDave :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
And how come I got the hot favourite!?


Because R comes after P … :wink:


My forum name is Bruce but it is not accepted as a game name because Bruce is already in use for another player’s real identity. So, I’ll have to add something with it. I’m adding Wayne as last name. So, I’m thinking of joining as “Bruce Wayne”. If there is a problem with that then please notify me in time. Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:


Of the 8 games, 1 hasn’t had anyone join yet, 5 are waiting one person, 1 has started (but no moves yet) … while @Azezeal and I have already completed 2 cycles. I’m a bit worried as he jumped out to an early lead in Economy and Industry … so he’s leading in the all-important ship count.

Plus he just finished Experimentation … so we’ll see how lucky the Dice Gods are for him … I’m hoping he get’s non-stop Weapons hits … since they are locked! :wink:

We have reached our respective borders and I expect carnage to ensue soon …


Earning and burning!


Ummm @HULK, you really aren’t very good at savoring it slow are you?? Your game is already just about over with!


Don’t worry, I plan to savour each turn for 48 hours. Gotta make the most of life!


Yep - my game against @Azezeal went super-fast because we were both submitting quickly … I sure wish more turn-based games were like that! But I got wayyyy behind at work … and I’ll have to “confess” at this week’s NP Anonymous meeting that I have slipped … :wink:

I waffled on my initial tech and decided to go for Hyper and fund enough Science to finish in a cycle. So I was able to make some initial expansion on the sides before @Azezeal did. But I was a bit weak in the middle, and then he made an ALL-IN move against me there … which was a great call … except I had just barely enough cash to build some Warp Gates and blunt the attack. After that, it was just a matter of time and we finished in just over 5 cycles. Experimentation didn’t really help me - in fact, I got a Weapons hit after I finished level2. That’s my point of view - would welcome comments from @Azezeal how he saw it.

It “helped” that as @SuperDave said (after beating me twice), woe to whoever has to face @HULK next because he will be REALLY ANGRY! :wink: :wink:

I don’t expect everyone to finish their games in a day … and yes @AnnanFay, there is something about savoring it … but again, I set the timer to 48 hours instead of 24 for hopefully the very occasional situation that you need extra time to submit.

P.S. I see other games are moving along … but three players still need to join …


Oh no. I’m quite an old man. Hoping to get this finished before I die. My picture was taken a long time ago ;(