May/2018 1v1 EPIC Tournament - AnnanFay is the winner!

Gunter and I are already done with 3 full cycles! It’s a great game so far and fairly even for the most part. I’m really enjoying it.

I notice that the Nick vs Annan haven’t finished even completed their first move yet.

I just checked - looks like you guys are already on tick #104.

@SuperDave has a slight lead in stats, but @Grunter has a lead in tech as he went for Exp3;
“That’s a Bold Strategy Cotton. Lets see if it pays off for him”

FYI that I’ve started the next tournament with 8 players - link here … and all have signed up in their respective games and @Karmadrome and I have already done a full cycle.

Happy to report that Dr. Bruce Banner did NOT research Weapons! :wink:

The game with Gunter is absolutely insane. I have a bit of a planet lead, but, other than that, we are very even. There are 2-5 battles every turn. Big planets fall. Warp gates are built and destroyed. Crazy attacks and daredevil defensive moves are won and lost. I get jittery every time I look to see what the results of the next move are.

It could go either way in just a move or two.

Me: 77 planets, 96 economy, 90 industry, 18 science, 1579 ships
Grunter: 63 planets, 88 economy, 89 industry, 17 science, 1639 ships

Science: Me: Scanning 3, HYP 3, EXP 2, Terra 3, Banking 3, Man 4
Gunter: Scanning 2, HYP 3, EXP 3, Terra 4, Banking 2, Man 4

LOL that sounds intense - glad the game format is playing out well … and yes, @Grunter is a fearsome Jackalope! :wink:

Curious how that Exp3 is working out for 'ya …

EXP is working out well since I’ve hit on MFG three times and am now up to MFG 5. However, the game isn’t as close as it sounds. Dave is indeed Super and is slowly taking my stars. He’s a great player!

Yeah @Grunter, it’s pretty annoying watching @SuperDave systematically takes stars. I hope I can beat @AnnanFay and get another chance at the @SuperDave (payback for taking me out first round last tourney!)

Update: While @SuperDave still has the lead in stars (and Economy), @Grunter has a (slight) lead in Industry/Ships and Science/Tech. They just completed Cycle13.

@AnnanFay appears to have a slight lead over @nick.muzzio, but it’s early as they just finished Cycle 3.

Grunter and I just finished the 15th cycle. In all honesty, I couldn’t tell you for sure who’s winning. I thought I was for awhile, then I figured the tide had turned to him based on some very good moves he did, now perhaps I think it’s more even?? It is interesting, very enjoyable, and the game has a long ways to go for sure.

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LOL that you guys are 360 ticks in - sounds like an EPIC battle.
Glad to hear the game format/parameters are playing out well (any suggestions?) and you are having fun with some good back-n-forth.

@AnnanFay and @nick.muzzio are on tick #80, so you guys can continue the carnage! :wink:

This is brutality! :slight_smile:

I just took ONE star which in this game is a major victory!!!

One more star. I’m on a roll!!!

Our game has come to an end. GG Nick :slight_smile:

I played an aggressive opening going straight for hyperspace range 2. This gave me a a tactical advantage and small star advantage which I was slowly increasing. Last cycle I made warp gates and started a heavy forward push to capitalise on my lead. Nick missed an important turn last cycle and I got some lucky defensive moves. Today he conceded.

Stars: 68 / 61
Ships: 975 / 851
Infrastucture: 96-78-12 / 101-64-8
Tech: 1222323 / 2222322

Congrats @AnnanFay …although sorry to hear the game ended because @nick.muzzio missed a turn.

I’ve updated the first post to show that you will play the winner of @SuperDave and @Grunter … who are having one heck of a match as they are pretty even after 416 ticks!!!

Yes. It is a heck of a match indeed!

I think @AnnanFay had me even without the missed turn, that early hyper 2 just hurt too bad to recover from. The missed turn was quite strange though as I could of sworn it said 15:00ish time for next turn and it proceeded like 7am that day. So I had it in my mind I had the day to submit and when I woke up, too late. Was very sad :frowning:

Grunter and I just finished our 19th cycle. I’d like to say one of us is pulling away, but the opposite is happening. We are drawing back to being even in planets. I captured planets too far away and they were too hard to defend. Grunter was relentless in coming at them and it was obvious they were going to fall eventually so I stopped trying. As such, I lost 3 of them and a 4th is iffy. I’m ahead in economy (242 vs 218), industry (248 vs 256) and science (71 to 69). We both have approx 15.5k ships each.

I have no idea where the game is going. I think advanced terra and warp gates may be the answer. The catch is that advanced scanners will also be able to seek them out easier too by then. It may be awhile before a conclusion is reached.

Take your time. It looks like a truly epic game.

Ditto what @AnnanFay said … especially since you averaging several turns/day - you just finished Cycle #20!

We’ve never had a 1v1 game go this long - curious if any parameter recommendations that might be beneficial at this point, but not unduly balance things earlier on.

I just looked at the map - appears that @SuperDave made a jump on the middle/left side with carnage visible in the Intel Charts.