May/2018 1v1 EPIC Tournament - AnnanFay is the winner!


I had to redo your game @leonardebaker - doesn’t appear you have joined it - here is the link for the one you are playing against @AnnanFay


@leonardebaker , SonOfBlob has joined the wrong game, that has normal weapons.


Thanks, wondered what was happening.


Is anyone in a game with Rodel who can remind him about the tourney?


@Rodel could be using any of these aliases :
Joar Addam Nessosin
Rodel Ituralde
the Wolf
the Little Wolf

It could be that he might not have his forum account sending to his email.


I think I’ve seen Rodel Ituralde in a game before, it sounds familiar. Not an active one though


I’ll ping @Rodel again here … but yea, at some point, we’ll either award the game to @TheLastHero or get an alternate. If someone has another NP player ready to step up now, I’d say lets go for that! Or I’m thinking that since @Azezeal was quick player and good sport, why don’t we give him another chance and face-off against @TheLastHero?

I see all the other games are progressing. As mentioned in the first post, let me know how it plays out and if you have any suggested changes to improve game play.


If we have an alternate let’s do that, but if nobody steps up in the next 12 hours or so let’s have @Azezeal play me. I wouldn’t want a free pass to round 2

Did a quick scan through the old thread and @MalcolmReynolds asked to join but didn’t get a spot. If he’s still down then he should be the first choice


Oh heck - I just scanned the thread and @MalcolmReynolds SHOULD have been in the tournament - mistake on my part.

So yea, if he can play, I’d say lets take him first … but if it doesn’t work out for him, then lets go with @Azezeal - hope that is fair to everyone.


@MalcolmReynolds is actually in the only game of NP I’m currently playing … so just head back from him and told him to join in against @TheLastHero - have updated the first post accordingly.


A player has joined using in-game alias of “Rodel Ituralde”. Is that his actual rank & renown ? or is it MalcolmReynolds ?


Victory 0, rank 16, renown 32

Not sure who it is though


Rodel joined the forum 3 days ago.


@MalcolmReynolds probably should standby as alternate just in case HULK drops out like he did in The Smulm Cup Tournament . LOL :stuck_out_tongue:


@MalcolmReynolds is 4/107/216 … so I presume this is @Rodel and just re-updated the first post … also annotating that @MalcolmReynolds is an ALTERNATE in case we have dropouts.


Looks like you really mean it :frowning:
I did apologize for playing the wrong game but I have had two turns now and you’ve been stuck on one for a loooooooooooooooong time. Maybe its just a busy weekend.


@leonardebaker That’s brutal man. Rodel and I have already gone through 10 turns!


Update: @Karmadrome and I have finished 4 cycles now. We are very even in play.

Him: 67 economy, 70 industry, 12 sciences, 22 carriers, 47 planets, 1048 ships

Me: 64 economy, 67 industry, 12 sciences, 30 carriers, 50 planets, 1055 ships.

On science we both are at level 2 on everything, except I have EXP 2 and he only has level 1.


@Rodel and I are one turn from finishing the 4th cycle. I have a slight advantage but he can definitely still win if he plays it right.

Rodel: 62 stars, 47 economy, 68 industry, 11 science, 1063 ships (Not counting any eco he bought before cycle

Hero: 64 stars, 67 economy, 79 industry, 18 science, 1177 ships

He went for high industry early in the game, while I had huge buys in economy and science. He has more ships than me up til very recently, but my long term strategy is proving effective now.

As for tech I am 2 hours from finishing mfg 4 while he is at mfg 2. He has terra 3 while I have 2. I have scan 2 while he has scan 1. He has exp 2 while I have 1. Everything else is even.


@TheLastHero I work nights haha, so I’m asleep from 8am-4pm EST I didn’t forget, I usually only play 1 game at a time and currently that’s our game