May/2018 1v1 EPIC Tournament - AnnanFay is the winner!


GG. All the best for quarter final.


I’ve got the link for my game. I’ll probably be off the grid fri-sun so I’ll join up Monday.


Cool - enjoy your weekend - it’s a holiday one here in the States.

Looking at the other round #1 games, I see the star count is 93-53 and 84-52 … so pretty sure who is going to win those. I have created proposed game links for round#2 - see the first post in this thread. Please join when you are ready (password is “t2r2”) and confirm all looks good with the game setup … as there are almost two dozen params I have to change each time I create a map … and sometimes the maps aren’t good and I have to start over.


@AnnanFay are two cycles into our game and we just had our first very minor skirmish … but a mega-fleet just popped up on my scanners - D’OH! :wink:


Run this bookmarklet instead of clicking the [Create Game] button:


Tested in Firefox and Chrome. You’ll probably need to disable your popup blocker.

(MIT License)


My game just ended. I got a decent lead in the beginning, then tried some reckless blitzing. Turns out @Mise333 is not a player you can be reckless with. Even with a 40 star lead he was able to keep up really well and make what would’ve been a quick sprint against any average player a slow crawl through the mud. Super fun game getting so close to the win then not only having to work hard for each step but actually losing decent stars paying dearly for my impatience.
Joining SuperDave in Round 2


Congrats @MurasakiNoKaze on the win and good job @Mise333 putting up a good battle.

I’ve updated the first post to reflect the latest results and am assuming that both you and @SuperDave agree your galactic map looks decently playable. As mentioned, I’m trying to make sure the layout is more spread out so trench warfare doesn’t ensue. Speaking of which, @AnnanFay and I are finishing Cycle3 and we got battles & carnage on the both edges plus the middle… and their mega-fleet just did some serious SMASHING of the HULK! :frowning:


Back in town, in the morning I’ll look at joining up for round two


Cool - link for your game is in the first post.

I’ve been busy too over the holiday weekend, so have been barely getting some semblance of moves in for my game, but since I’m getting ground down, probably just delaying my demise. I’ll need a lot of luck to pull this one out. Speaking of which, I just finished Exp2 … and got a Weapons hit - GRRRRR!

HouseBoat is up 87-50 in his game, so maybe that one is wrap-up-able soon and we can start the last round #2 game.


I think @Luthias has submitted the white towel.

Please make formal, if that’s the case.

Not looking forward to clashing with @Grunter


Ah! You’d like to surrender?
I accept.


HAHAHAHAHAHA out-witted by @Luthias AGAIN


Hey Houseboat, I look forward to the match. I see you kicking butt in the Dark, Turn Based game. You are obviously one salty space pirate!


Nick and I have started! One cycle done and even so far.


THE FIGHT HAS BEGUN!!! Dead pilots litter the abyss!


Looks like Nick is making quick work of me. I played the opening wrong and he took advantage very quickly. I might come back, but it doesn’t look good.




Gg @nick.muzzio


GG buddy! @TheLastHero


What’s the latest on the round 2 games? Have I missed the links?
Sounds like a quick win for @nick.muzzio!